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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Data Streaming

Data Warehousing & Data Lakes

Govenrned Data Catalogs

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics & Reporting

Conversational Analytics

Actionable Insights

Data Literate Workforce

Ecosystem Solutions

Ecosystem Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Source Control & Versioning

Visualizations & Manual Data Entry

COVID19: We Are In Business

  • We are fortunate to work 100% with technology and able to continue our work from home
  • Our team is safely at their homes with fibre connections and we provide all the necessary solutions to ensure a productive working environment with our local and international customers and partners
  • We see that this is the time to invest in data driven decisions and we are here to assist you throughout your journey no matter where you are based

Stay Safe Everyone!

Data Literacy

Reading, writing and understanding your data – insights – decisions – actions process!

We manage the maturity of your data literacy.

Data Driven Decisions

We do all kind of weird and wonderful things to gain insights from data!

  • Data Movement & Staging
  • Data Warehouse & Data Lake Automation
  • Data Governance & Catalogs
  • Analytics & Reporting

Artificial Intelligence

We all need some AI to drive automation & focus!

  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Structured & Unstructured Data
  • Machine Learning & Enrichment: Prediction & Recommendations
  • Enterprise Ready Platform

Let us recommend your next deal!

Business Intelligence

Analytics address the why things happened questions!

  • Explore Your Data
  • Root cause any WHY questions
  • Visualize & Interpret Insights
  • Automated Reporting
  • Complete Security & Mobility

Let us turn your data into insights you can leverage to compete!

Business Intelligence Solutioning

Our Business Intelligence solutions focus on the provision of analytics ready data through effective data engineering practices, interactive data analytics accessible via any device, static reporting solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and data literacy management.

The Outcome Engineering Company

As a Business Intelligence Provider, our engagement frameworks ensure we deliver on mutually defined and targeted high impact outcomes in line with your strategy!

What keeps you up at night?

Let’s Outcome Engineer it!

Compete With Data Analytics

Have you automated your decision management support system? Are you moving to intelligent process automation yet?

Let’s ensure your data-to-actionable insights automation! Let’s focus on strengthening your competitive advantage!

We are happy when your business operates at the speed of data!

Let’s manage your data literacy maturity!

What do you need to compete?

Technology Vendors

Customer Quotes

Modernising Management has proven themselves to be a very good partner to the business for all things Qlik, they have a very competent team providing services and support on every level. Modernising Management has expert knowledge of all Qlik products and best practise implementation methods.

Bernard Barnard

Head: Data Services - Enterprise BI Qlik| Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Standard Bank of SA Ltd

Modernising Management has been providing Qlik and Qlik related products and services on an enterprise level to BankServAfrica Limited for 4+ years. Modernising Management has implemented many of Qlik business intelligence solutions within the business.

Philip Minnaar

Senior Manager - Analytics Information Services, BankServAfrica

Professional Services

Ensuring your successfully defined, scoped and resourced solution delivery!

Training Services

We provide product training and user training services to our partners and customers.

Support Services

We provide a holistic support service ranging from proactive environment monitoring to SLA based maintenance services.