Ecosystem Solutions

  • End-To-End Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Source Control & Versioning
  • Write Back & Planning Solutions


Squirro turns data into AI driven actionable Insights


Agile Lifecycle Management Solutions

  • Source Control
  • Version Management
  • Quality Control
  • Publication Management
  • Audits


Manual Data Entry & Planning for Qlik

Agile Lifecycle Management Solutions


Source Control – Version Management – Quality Control – Publication Management – Audits

Change Lifecycle Management

Control from file inception to retirement

Souce Control & Quality

Source Control & Versioning

Quality Control

Admin Control

Centrally  configure & control everything

Supported Technologies

Agile Source Control & Version Management

We are a specialist source control, version management, Quality Control, Publication Management and Audits Management company.


Qlik and SAPBI Source Control:

WIP is our flagship, web based, product for Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting, QlikView and SAPBI file lifecycle management.

We manage every change made across your Qlik and SAPBI Business Intelligence estates.

Our Agile Kanban System for Source Control has proven extremely valuable to companies that wish to monitor and control all requirements from an initial planning discussions or issue identification to a correctly published application/report in your production system.

Our lifecycle management solution ensures all your development, quality control, publication and maintenance of your applications and reports are managed efficiently.


WIP Lifecycle Management

WIP manages and controls all aspects of a file throughout its lifecycle, from its requirement to retirement.

Whether you are a business user, analyst, developer or administrator within the system, WIP ensures you are in complete control of your work at all times.


Change Lifecycle Management

Change Request Management

Collaboration & Notifications

Integrated Package Release Management

Source Control & Quality Control

Source Control

Version Management

Comparisons & Impact Analysis

Task & Dependency Management

Quality Management

Publication Management

Admin Control

Central Admin Management

Setup & Configuration Management

Governance & Audit Management

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