Vizlib Writeback Table

What does writeback mean to you?

As one of the most wished-for capabilities in the Qlik ecosystem, writeback is truly a game-changing solution for BI teams.

With the ability to capture, update, correct and comment on data points, we are finally able to close the analytics loop and bring all the data processes to one platform. Welcome to a new age of Qlik Sense!

These brand-new writeback solutions are part of our Vizlib Collaboration product for Qlik Sense and redefine what’s possible in Qlik. What’s more, it’s free to trial and doesn’t require server installation!

Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense includes Writeback Table

Edit and adjust data on the fly with Vizlib Writeback Table

Converting a Qlik Sense table to a Vizlib Writeback Table

You can finally say goodbye to read-only dashboards and easily edit, update and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards, while you continue your data analysis!

Start with a serverless solution and enjoy rapid prototyping without any coding: write data back to QVDs/CSV/TXT files.

Eliminate spreadsheet risk: work with your data directly in Qlik Sense to facilitate audit trails.

Achieve any use case with a wide selection of input fields, including checkbox, toggle, free text field, flags, dropdown, slider, numeric, rating, and more!

Bulk edit, update or delete for fast and smooth user experience.

Seamless setup in less than 60 seconds with our smart Wizard: add new writeback comments on the fly.Seamless setup in less than 60 seconds with our smart Wizard: add new writeback comments on the fly.

Get started today: no server installation needed!

Capture user input and enter new data into published

apps with Vizlib Input Form

Vizlib Input Form: capturing patient information directly in Qlik Sense with a telehealth patient screening survey

Now you can take action directly where your data is with Vizlib Input Form – streamlined, safe and user-friendly input capability to kickstart your analytics process.

Update multiple Qlik Sense variables on the fly to quickly explore various what-if scenarios and fine-tune your prediction models directly in your dashboard.

Capture and enter new data within Qlik Sense.

Design your own custom forms for any industry or use case with a range of input fields and full customisation and branding options.

And, there are more Vizlib writeback capabilities coming soon:

Avoid governance chaos with the intuitive user management console: add, update or delete user permissions at any time.

Trigger business workflows from your Qlik dashboards by dynamically sending data back to an SQL database or any other business system (with REST API).

Automate your processes and sync all your tools. Connect to endpoints using REST and send dynamic data to almost any business tool—from another system, like your CRM, to email or Slack or an output file (such as .csv or .qvf).

Connection to the Vizlib Server for on-premise deployments, bringing you enterprise-level permission and access control.

Vizlib Library

Vizlib library is the most powerful visual analytics product for Qlik Sense. Packed with a wide range of advanced out the box capabilities.

Vizlib Finance

Vizlib Finance is meets all the requirements of a modern finance department. Additional controls to make it do what you need!

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Self-Service is the ultimate ad-hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense. Analyze your data on the fly!

Vizlib Gant

Experience visual planning. Gantt lets you plan, organise and visualize your processes in a seamless flow.

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