Add more power with Vizlib – Best Qlik Sense dashboards!

Go beyond native Qlik Sense. Unlock the true power of your data with interactive data visualisations, self-service solutions and game-changing writeback capabilities.

Stunning Powerful Qlik Sense Visualizations

Put your Qlik Sense visualizations on steroids with the Vizlib visualization libraries. The more controls the better the visualization and Vizlib are Visualization specialist partners to Qlik.

Visualization Libraries

  • Collorative
  • Finance
  • Gant
  • Self-service

Vizlib Collaboration Suite

Vizlib Collaboration Suite provides a writeback capability for manual data entry combined with completely flexible rich content and featured forms that can be automated with escalation workflows or API integrations as well as a chat teamwork capability enabling most process automation and collaboration requirements.

Visualizations & Collaboration For Qlik Sense

Vizlib Products

Vizlib is a Qlik Technology partner that provides visualization products for the Qlik Sense product.

Vizlib has five different libraries of content and their licensing model is subscription based so you can flex up or down as you need.

  • Vizlib Collaborate
  • Vizlib Library
  • Vizlib Finance
  • Vizlib Self Service
  • Vizlib Gantt

Vizlib Collaborate

Experience the new Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense NOW!


Collaborate Product Suite

Vizlib Writeback Table: Manual Data Entry

Vizlib Teamwork: Chats, Commenting, Contextualized Discussions, Insight Sharing

Vizlib Input Form: Create any custom form for data input structures



Integrated Approval Workflows

Integrations: Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams

Vizlib Writeback Table

Read-only dashboards are a thing of the past.

With the Vizlib Writeback Table, you can easily edit, update and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards, while remaining in the analysis flow.

It’s a little like spreadsheets in Qlik Sense, but a lot more powerful, as it lets you correct your data, insert new information, adjust numbers and create new data segmentations.

Fully customizable, Vizlib Writeback Table lets you edit Qlik dimensions and measures and seamlessly add new data using dropdowns, free text fields, radio buttons, date pickers, tags and many more options.

Vizlib Teamwork

Vizlib Teamwork is all about collective intelligence and bringing your team and data together in Qlik Sense.
Users can easily kick-off discussions right in their dashboards, call attention to interesting data points with contextualised comments and share their view of data with other people on the team.
With in-context communication and real-time conversations inside your dashboards, teams can ask and answer questions in minutes, saving time and making better decisions.

Vizlib Input Form

Vizlib Input Form lets you capture user input and enter new data points into your published Qlik Sense apps.
Connecting to endpoints using REST, the Vizlib Input Form can send dynamic data to almost any business tool—from another system, like your CRM, to email or Slack or an output file (like .csv or .qvf).
Using a range of classic data input types, you can design your own custom and fully branded data input form to blend in with your dashboards.

Vizlib Integrated Approval Workflow

Create your own custom workflows to automate business processes in Qlik Sense.
Users can request to review, approve, reject or delegate tasks without leaving their dashboard, making team collaboration even more efficient and streamlined.
Additionally, you can define and tailor your workflows to every Collaboration Stream to recreate the decision-making process with enterprise-level permissions control and user management.

Vizlib Library

Vizlib library is the most powerful visual analytics product for Qlik Sense. Packed with a wide range of advanced out the box capabilities.

Vizlib Finance

Vizlib Finance is meets all the requirements of a modern finance department. Additional controls to make it do what you need!

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Self-Service is the ultimate ad-hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense. Analyze your data on the fly!

Vizlib Gant

Experience visual planning. Gantt lets you plan, organise and visualize your processes in a seamless flow.

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