The Insights Engine Powering Your Business!

Squirro turns data into AI driven actionable Insights

Enterprise AI Platform

  • Enterprise Ready
  • Enterprise Search
  • Python Integrated
  • API’s & Custom Connectors

Structured & Unstructured Data

  • Comprehensive End-To-End AI Platform
  • Integrate Structured & Unstructured Data

End-To-End AI Platform

  • Predictions & Recommendations
  • Transactional Analysis Frameworks
  • Decision Frameworks
  • Automatic Resolution

Squirro is a leading AI-platform – an insights engine at its core, the self-learning system keeps you in the know and recommends what’s next.


Because smart business is about connecting the dots, you develop a deeper understanding of customers, partners, and markets, spot trends and predict anomalies in all of your data – automatically.

Do more!

Use your untapped data to create insight then use this insight to create opportunity!

Customer Insights

Get an intimate understanding of markets and customers in real time

  • Lead Sourcing & Deal Origination
  • Meeting Preparations & Recommendations
  • Client Cockpits & Workflow Integration


Service Insights

Get automated service ticket assignment & resolution in real time

  • Incident Identification & Mitigation
  • Automatic Incident Resolution
  • Relevant Data Unification & Analysis 


Cognitive Search

Get insights detected and applied to any data set across industries

  • Global Data Consumption & Analysis
  • Pattern, Trend, & Anomaly Detection
  • Automation & Visualizations


Intelligently different AI

Using Machine Learning, Squirro enables you to do more with data. Your biggest untapped resource is your data.

Most of this data is unstructured – call notes, office files, knowledge articles, emails, documents, or external data such as news, market data, research and more.

Up to 99% of this data never gets touched beyond creation. Squirro extracts and delivers the right insights to you at precisely the right time, automatically.

We call it “Augmented Intelligence” because machines augment human intelligence enabling us to make better decisions.

Doing more with your data is critical. Forrester calls it the ‘Insights Economy’ and lists Squirro as a leading vendor.

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