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Section Access Manager for Qlik

  • Qlik Integrated
  • Automated Security
  • Active Control

Qlik Integrated

  • Qlik QMC & Qlik Apps
  • Automatically Updated Changes

Automated Security

  • 100% Automated Section Access
  • Automated & Manual No-code
  • Automated synchronization & scans

Active Control

  • Central change hub
  • SingleTouch change activation
  • Manage all Apps inlcuding WORK

Supported Technologies

Section Access Manager for Qlik

SAM is an automated Section Access Management product for Qlik ensuring your most critical assets is secured within your Qlik Applications… your data!

Does your organisation spend money on Section Access management every time someone churns or changes their role within your organization?

Does your organization require regulatory audits on your security and data access management processes for personal data protection and other regulatory requirements?

The Section Access Challenge

Change is constant

User churn within organisations has a major impact on security and data management processes within an organisation and systems. Qlik is no different in this regard as your data for analytics is hosted within your Qlik Applications (Apps) and requires management to ensure the correct people can access and explore only the correct data. This data management method is called Section Access Management in Qlik.

Section Access Management is generally performed by Qlik developers as in a Qlik App it is implemented as script/code thus not something a business user or stakeholder with access requirements can self-service with as business people generally don’t script or code Qlik Apps. Once Section Access is activated on a Qlik Application every churn event related to that application requires someone to make changes to the Section Access of that App. The real multiplier challenge is one churn event generally have multiple changes across multiple Applications as one person can have access to many Applications.

Change examples are a person joins a company and is provided access to their Apps. That person changes their role and requires changes to their existing applications to remove them from accessing the data and applying their access to their newly required data access within their new role.

The is much more user churn, Apps and data changes than developers and this generally leads to bottlenecks. File and write-back table type solutions supports the possibility of self-service but does not automate the process.

We have seen a global increase in regulatory requirements on data, data access, personal data protection and general data management control within organizations and we don’t expect this to decline anytime soon.



SAM automates Qlik Section Access


  • Integrated and automated to Qlik QMC and Apps
  • Self-service no-code Section Access automation
  • Automated & manual settings leaving you in full control
  • Manage all applications across all servers and all streams including WORK
  • Active Control SingleTouch task execution between SAM & Qlik
  • Comprehensive Admin control configurations
  • Global search for any server, stream, App, user, data assets

SAM Automation

SAM Automation logic is to provide full control to the Admin users who are able LO manage the behaviour of SAM and how SAM manages synchronizations, application scans, data movement, user changes and so forth.

Auto: 1:1 With Qlik Sense QMC changes. This setting will enable Section Access on all your Applications at once
Manual: SAM will reverse engineer any existing Qlik Section Access scripts by bringing all the allocations into SAM and providing the user with a visual interface to manage changes in seconds with user and data automation and copy paste rights assignments.
Unmanaged: You can bring all your Olik Apps into SAM and only license those which you wish to automate with SAM. You can set any App to unmanaged and SAM will not touch the App in Qlik nor require a license to the App in SAM.


SAM ROI is fantastic as every change event requires multiple people i.e. business stakeholders, service desk agents, developers and time to process such non-self-service requests and have them affected.

10 Apps & 50 Users: 122% ROI
& 50 Apps & 250 Users: 153% ROI
250 Apps & 1250 Users: 197% ROI
500 Apps & 2500 Users: 197% ROI
1 000 Apps & 5 000 Users: 345% ROI

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