Inform: Write & Edit

Writeback your data to a database from within Qlik Sense and reload automatically.

  • Edit – Write Back
  • Plan – Planning

Write Back

The writeback feature provides an form interface and saves the data to a database directly from within the Qlik Sense application.

Inform: Edit

Create any type of rich form for your write back requirements.

Inform: Plan

Perform financial planning and budgeting from within Qlik Sense. Update and change your data on the fly and see the new data refresh your existing data on the reloads.



Manual Data Entry & Planning For Qlik

Edit your data directly in Qlik and benefit from the extensive Write! features


Writing the data back to the source database


Optimal data processing due to a large selection of input fields such as free text fields, checkboxes, etc.



Direct editing of data in Qlik Sense – even from mobile devices

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