AnalyticsGate 365


An add-in for Microsoft ® Excel and Qlik Sense


AnalyticsGate 365 – (formerly Sense Excel), unleashes the power of the Qlik Sense ® platform directly from Excel.

Connect to your Qlik Sense data in Excel

The add-in for Microsoft Excel uses the power of the Qlik Sense platform directly in Excel. The defined security rules also apply to Excel users! All analysts work with the same database (single point of truth). Data updated in Qlik are immediately available in MS Excel!

With AnalyticsGate 365, take full advantage of Qlik’s powerful “green-white-gray” associative filter logic

Quickly load data from existing tables and charts.  Create ad-hoc queries by selecting fields, dimensions and measures directly from your Qlik Sense apps.  Define and apply bookmarks, filters and alternate states.  Create appealing and easy to understand visualizations!! ALL from inside of Excel!

Easily load data from Qlik Sense and visualize it using Excel

Combine and compare data from your apps with data from other sources. Model your data to predict future sales, requirements, or consumer trends.

Easily Add Data to Your Tables

Create reports and perform analysis simply and quickly with as little as one click! AnalyticsGate 365 brings together the “best of both worlds”: Microsoft® Excel and Qlik Sense®.

Powerful Excel Pivot Table functionality using Qlik Sense data

PivotTables are an incredible way to summarize, make comparisons and identify patterns and trends in your data. Real time Qlik Sense data as a source for Excel Pivot Tables is just a few clicks away with AnalyticsGate 365!

Automate distribution of your AnalyticsGate 365 reports with AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite

  • Easily create your reports in Excel
  • Use Qlik Sense formulas for dynamic naming
  • Automatically generate multiple reports from a single Excel workbook using “SheetLoop”
  • Choose from 15 different output formats
  • Schedule based on a time frequency or trigger using Qlik Sense Task Manager
  • Distribute output via email, network folders and/or the Qlik Sense Hub

How to Start with AnalyticsGate!

With this Excel workbook you can connect to a Qlik Sense demo server to test the main features. No local Qlik installation is required. We recommend printing out the integrated “HowTo” instructions using the “Start” tab and following the individual steps. This should give you a basic understanding of how the product works and allows you to create your own report/analysis from Qlik Sense data in the “your own playground” tab.

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