Data Integration

  • No-code Data Replication At Scale
  • No-code Data Warehouse Automation
  • No-code Data Lake Automation
  • No-code Data Governance, Quality & Catalogs
  • No-code Monitoring
  • Product Agnostic (PowerBI, Tableau, Etc.)

Data Replication

Need to move your data on-premise, to cloud or feed your various mobile and digital applications with real-time streaming data? Leaders in Change Data Capture (CDC) and smart batch loads.

Data Warehouse Automation

No-code data warehouse automations support 80+% of major data sources and target structures for automation. See our support metrix for supported source and target system automations.

Data Lake Automation

We provide full support for all major data lake technologies. Point our No-code solution to your source and your target and see the magic happen!

Data Catalogs

Regulatory requirements or lack of governance and data quality driving your crazy? We’ve got you covered with our No-code configuration cataloging solution for all your smart metadata management, data model enrichment, publications and self-service data provisioning.

Monitoring With EM

Keep on top of all your automated processes with Enterprise Manager monitoring capabililty for your data movement and warehouse capabilities.


No-code Data Integration

No-code real-time data integration ensures you are always ready to flex!

Data Integration That Delivers Real-Time Analytics-Ready Data

No-code Data Replication

Real-Time replication of data at scale on-premise or cloud

On-Premises & Cloud Data Migrations
Streaming Change Data Capture
Smart Batch Loads

No-code Data Wareshouse Automation

Configure your data wareshouse automations on the fly

Automated Warehouses
Automated Data Marts
Automated Documentation

No-code Data Lake Automation

Automate your data lake creation and maintenance

Automated Data Lakes
Major Vendor Support Metrics

No-code Data Catalogs

Automate your smart data catalogs

Smart Metadata Generation
Data Governance
Data Quality
Data Enrichment
Data Provisioning

Enterprise Manager

Monitor all your data warehouse and data lake automations


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