Data Engineering

Our data engineering solutions encompass data processing and movement, data transformation through ETL/ELT, data staging pre warehouse, data replication, warehouse automation and data lake creation. Our data governance solution works from the metadata up and implemented across your data catalogs.

Data Engineering

  • Move Your Data
  • Automated Your Warehouse
  • Create Your Data Lake
  • Govern Your Data Catalog

Data Movement

Let's move and transform your data!

Data Warehouse Automation

Let's automate your warehouse build with Qlik Compose

Data Lake Creation

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes

Enterprise Management

Control & Monitor Your Data Movement & Warehouse Automation

Governed Data Catalog

Qlik Data Catalyst - Enable analytics across your enterprise with trusted, business-ready data

DataOps For Data Analytics

Modernising Data Integration That Delivers Real-Time,

Analytics-Ready And Actionable Data To Any Analytics Environment.

Data Engineering Solutions

Do you have a cloud first strategy? Then we have you covered! Our technology has supported thousands of companies to move their data between on-premise hosting to cloud hosted services such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and others.

Our data engineering work ensures the provisioning of data for any data science and analytical tools from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and beyond.

Our data engineering solutions cover all your data requirements source systems to staging to warehousing whether your requirements are on-premise or cloud based.

Our modern data integration solution future proofs your technology decisions that may require data streaming, warehouse automation, data lake creating and management.

Which Data Engineering Services Do You Need?

Professional Services

Ensuring your successfully defined, scoped and resourced solution delivery!

Training Services

We provide product training and user training services to our partners and customers.

Support Services

We provide a holistic support service ranging from proactive environment monitoring to SLA based maintenance services.