Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting goes hand in hand. Explore your data through interactive data analytics visualizations such as dash-boarding and reporting that tells the story of your organisational performance. Our interactive solution ensures data exploration through drill downs through dashboards and other reporting views. Set up your own customized data story telling solution for your meetings through a dynamic story telling feature that is linked to your data.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

  • Analyze & Visualize Your Data?
  • Automate Static Reports?

Qlik Sense®

The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

Qlik Insights Bot

AI-Powered conversational analytics

Microsoft Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

Qlik NPrinting

An advanced reporting and distribution solution

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Take spatial analysis and insight to the next level with Qlik

Qlik Alerting | Data Alerts

Take intelligent, timely action

Competing On Data Analytics

Means Managing Your Maturity


Competing on analytics means you are putting the necessary data and business intelligence strategies together to ensure you grow your data literacy capability over a period of time within your organisation.

By analytics we mean the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions.

In order to compete on analytics organisations enhance their competitive advantage through judiciously applied, well executed and continuously renewed analytical strategies. Essentially your analytics should not only bolster your competitive advantages but it should be difficult to duplicate, unique to your competitive advantage processes, adaptable to various situations and most of all renewable as it should drive innovativeness.


Our implementation services ensure your holistic Business Intelligence strategy is fully controlled and executed across your organisation.

Our vast experience across many industries but a focus on financial services testifies to our ability to manage and execute complex data and analytical requirements successfully that in turn will ensure you compete better.

BI Strategy

Does your BI strategy drive your corporate strategy?

Data Strategy

What systems, processes and procedures do you have in place to provide analytics ready data?

Analytics Framework

Does your analytics drive your compatitive advantage & improve your competitiveness?

Data Literate Workforce

Does your workforce know how to ready, write and comprehend the provisioned analytis and reporting?


Qlik Sense

Data Exploration & Visualizations

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Qlik Insights Bot

Conversational Analytics

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Power BI

Data Exploration & Visualization

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So you’ve got all the dynamic visualizations you may need but you still require those pesky excel, PPT or PDF reports in your inbox? We’ve got you covered!

Static reporting solutions ensure people have access to structured reports such as business packs, executive committee packs or operational reporting pack when they need them.

Qlik NPrinting

Integrated reporting across Qlik Sense and QlikView applications

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SQL Reporting Services

SQL & Power BI Integrated Reporting

Geo Spatial Analytics

Take spatial analysis and insight to the next level with Qlik

With Qlik Sense, our next-generation data analytics platform and Qlik GeoAnalytics, you can make game-changing spatial analysis and insights easily available throughout your business. And powerful visualization and exploration of geographic data is just the beginning.

The one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine and sophisticated AI empowers people at all skill levels to freely explore data to make bigger discoveries and uncover bolder insights they can’t find using other analytics tools.

Enable almost nearly any data analytics use case and massively scale users and data, empowering everyone in your organization to make better decisions every day.

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Alerting: Take intelligent, timely action!

Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense®, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users more proactively monitor and manage their business.

With Qlik Alerting, organizations can manage by exception, increasing the value of analytics by notifying users of potential issues, helping them immediately analyze further, and prompting action based on insight.

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