Our solutioning consists of both technology and services to ensure the successful most optimal implementation of your data integration and advanced analytics projects.

Future Proof

  • No-code best in category data integration
  • Unlimited analytics use cases
  • AI/ML/Augmented analytics
  • Extendable with ecosystem

Technology Vendors

Data Integration & Data Analytics Technology Provider

Our Business Intelligence solutions focus on the provision of analytics ready data through effective data engineering practises, interactive data analytics accessible via any device, static reporting solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and data literacy management.

Data Integration

Our Data Integration solutions cover all your data requirements, whether your requirements are on-premise or cloud based.


  • Data Movement (Replication, Streaming (CDC), Staging)
  • Data Warehouse Automation
  • Data Lake Creation
  • Enterpirse Management (Monitor & Control)
  • Governed Data Catalog (On-board data, enrich the catalog, prepare data, shop and publish data)

Ecosystem Solutions:

  • End-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Source Control & Versioning
  • Write Back & Planning Solutions


  • Squirro turns data into AI driven actionable insights

WIP – Agile Lifecycle Management Solutions:

  • Source Control
  • Version Management
  • Quality Control
  • Publication Management
  • Audits


  • Manual data entry and planning for Qlik


  • Collaborations and visualizations
Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Reporting goes hand in hand. Explore your data through interactive data analytics visualizations such as dash-boarding and reporting that tells the story of your organisational performance. Our interactive solution ensures data exploration through drill downs through dashboards and other reporting views. Set up your own customized data story telling solution for your meetings through a dynamic story telling feature that is linked to your data.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting:

  • Analyze & visualize your data
  • Automate static reports

Qlik Sense®:

  • The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

Qlik Insight Bot:

  • AI-Powered conversational analytics

Microsoft Power BI:

  • Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

Qlik NPrinting:

  • An advanced reporting and distribution solution

Qlik GeoAnalytics:

  • Take spatial analysis and insight to the next level with Qlik

Qlik Alerting | Data Alerts:

  • Take intelligence, timely action