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Templated Twitter Analytics Automation

Manage your Twitter campaign impact, control the narrative, ensure you attain the interactions you planned by continuously monitoring. Ensure you respond timely and manage your budgets effectively!


Comprehensive monitoring of your campaigns, hastags and accounts

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis on every tweet and tweet consolidations


Time series to hour level and across week consolidated views


Snapshot your review meeting data and create an interactive meeting linked to your performance data

80% Retention Rate Increase

See how a leading Twitter Influencer plans, monitors and provides feedback to his customers on their Twitter campaigns such as the Netflix Movie Club and has increased his retention rate by 80%!

Retain your customers for longer!

Our templated solution integrates to both on-premise and cloud accounting systems.

Enricoh Alfonzo

CEO, Social Media Analytics

bdk Software Solutions

Comprehensive Twitter Analytics

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Sentiment Analysis

Monitor the sentiment on your Twitter communications.

Identify the influencers and bad sentiment drivers.

Change the conversation!

Ensure your campaign success!


Future Proof


Integrated & Automated

On-Premise and Cloud Options

Annual Subscription

We implement your future proved comprehensive social media solution within 1-3 months

Our prebuilt solution ensure you balance 100%

  • Measures
  • Dimensions
  • Rules
  • Calculations
  • Standartisation (Governed Library)
  • Visualizations

Future Proof