Sage Active Intelligence + IoT

We automatically update Sage with IoT & other system data orchestrations in real-time.

Sage Leaders

Our strategic partnership with Lorge ensures we cover all Sage requirements.

Data Integration

Our data platform ensure near/real-time data automations

Process Orchestration

Role based data integration and process orchestration execute transactions cross end-point systems. Single view of role compliance.

IoT Integrated

Enterprise and OpsTech automations as no system cover all requirements.

Lorge | Modernising Management

In today’s business world, companies need to extract optimal value from their software. Lorge keenly understands the dynamics of automated processing.

We undertake to keep you operating with precise, seamless and refined integration across a full spectrum of business processes. Over the last 35 years, the consistency of our expertise in business systems has earned us an award-winning reputation. Today, we’re the most trusted name in the implementation, support and training of software automation products.

Strategic Partnership

Our strategic partnership enables our teams to provide specialist Sage development and integration capabilities.

We work extensively with Lorge on Sage data and analytics integration cases as well as AIIoT solutions extending our ERP capabilities to operational controls and automated data imputs back into Sage warehouses.

We create industry specific automated solutions.

Sage Solution Platform

Sage Platform Integrations

We integrate to Sage via API’s and both write and read from the system. We automate the data processes, writeback, IoT integrations and advanced analytics.

We deploy our Sage solutions to Qlik SaaS, On-premises or hybrid solutions.

Our platform is agnostic thus customers with other BI products such as Microsoft PowerBI can connect to their data via our API’s and easily create their own visualizations in such products.

SaaS Platform Services

  • Application hosting (SaaS, On-premises, Hybrid)
  • Data integration and real time data (Smart batch & real-time)
  • Data catalogs for business user data understanding (Qlik SaaS)
  • Data governance and compliance (Qlik SaaS)
  • End-point execusion automation sending data to other systems to complete transactions (Qlik SaaS, On-Premises, Hybrid)
  • Access help, learning portal, community and privacy policies
  • Application features: Qlik SaaS
    • Notes
    • Reporting
    • Notifications & alerts
    • Bookmarks for repetitive analysis
    • Interactive & shareable user stories
    • Visualisations and analytics exploration of data
    • Insight Advisor – artificial intelligence query / answer / visualisation generation on data
    • Selection query visualization to understand the data impact and lineage

Data Integration: Roles