Real-time smart automation across operations.

  • Unlimited solutions
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited metrics
  • Unlimited AI/ML and recommendations

Let’s automate and control your operations today!

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Connected networks, devices and data being monitored, analyzed, controlled and automated in real time.

Existing Solutions

  • Water Management
  • Electricity Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Agriculture Management
  • SmartCity Management
  • SmartCompany Management

Real-Time Smarts!

When we combine a wireless network and connected devices with our real time data and advanced analytical capabilities we create interconnected SmartCompanies and SmartCities.

Advanced Analytics

Infuse advanced analytics into your real time SmartCompany and SmartCity solutions to drive predictions and recommendations based on data. Proactive actioning such as self-healing maintenance, proactive policing, instant ticketing for events and more.

IoT – What is it?

Our IoT solutions automate organizational operations and extends into AI/ML algorithm solutions for decision support, scenario planning and execution of end point automations based on the planned scenario. What are your profitability levers? Yield, cost saving, waste management? We can automate your organization to deliver based on your data.

IoT enables us to generate new data based on sensors and metrics for the operations of your business. IoT is about generation and immediate action on the performance of the data created.

This data can be consolidated and processed in real time and interpreted by people and machines. Interpretation of these data can improve our methods of work and maintenance as various algorithms can be applied to predict and recommend next actions.

We provide the network, engineering and sensors which provide the data to our SaaS automated data integration and data analytics solution. We receive, analytics, predict, recommend and act immedately on the data ensuring your operations execute effectively via data.

We work with bulk resources down to the most remote end-point such as bulk water monitored and actively controlled from dam to your geyser.

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SmartCompanies & SmartCities

SmartAgriculture & SmartFarming

SmartWater Management from Dam – Geyser

SmartElectricity Management

SmartFuel & Transport Management

IoT Solutions

Ready To Deploy Solutions

The core principles of IoT are very simple and it’s applications are wide and deep thus our focus has been to provide ready engineered solutions to the market.

We, and our partners have already built the network, engineered and built the devices, integrated the data and ready for the last mile insights and advanced analytics enablement based on an orchestrated Active Intelligence solution for your use case.

We are at the forefront of defining the SmartCity concept and making it a reality. We’ve developed solutions for agriculture, mass water management, electricity management, fleet and fuel management and many other solutions which can be plugged into your requirements today.

Our customers have implemented the following solutions:

Medical labs and hospital; Medical research; Food manufacturers; Brewing industries; Pharmaceutical; Mine labs; Petroleum; Cement; Coal; Iron ore; Pack houses; Agricultural research; NGO’s; Cold chain; Renal; Chemical manufacturers; Poultry; Water utilities; RO systems 

Example Solutions


Can you imagine fully automated cities where demand drives on time delivery…

…where you can find a parking with the touch of a button, transport run on time,

…tickets for all events are digital, water is guaranteed and managed,

… electricity is optimized for streetlights, optimised buildings, houses and no blackouts,

… no overloaded grids due to efficient self-healing and predictive maintenance,

… refuge, sewage and waste management is on demand & treatment is optimised,

… Open data and asset monitoring,

… last but not least community safety and security but wait, we did safe the best for last, what if you never had to visit a government building again?

This is all possible today, with our IoT engineering service, network and device partners we can orchestrate real time SmartCity solutions providing citizen services with the touch of a button.

Why wait? The future is here!

SmartAgriculture & SmartFarming

By monitoring the entire farm – including pivot monitoring and control, damn levels, boreholes, soil moisture and pH, weather stations, gate control, chemicals used and the crop itself – a farmer has a wealth of information to drive his yield while saving time and resources. Connected sensors, devices, equipment, implements and more give data such as: 

  • Grow Diary Automation
    • PH levels; soil moisture; humidity; temperature; light; dissolved solids, weather stations & water quality
    • Pivot control (water flow & volume, direction & speed, leakage & blockage detection, device controls for active performance management)
    • Dam level & borehole monitoring (water meters, pressure, liquid level monitoring, flow-meter integration, water health and river system sensors)
    • All bulk resource management to the end-point (fuel monitoring, electricity (motors & transformers), farm vehicle tracking etc.)
  • Conveyoring, safetraces, lazer marketing & labelling on fruit & veg, lable verification & scans, inspections, RFID on pallets, distribution & warehousing, vehicle tracking. asset monitoring, form



  • Commercials, advisory, assessments, specifications, installations & configurations, integrations, developments, testing, support


  • Geospatial intelligence (routing & optimization, point of interests)
  • Trip automation (fleet assets & statuses, fuel, distance, speed, durations)
  • Operational planning (on-board management: driver, certifications, performance, maintenance, parts)
  • Cargo lifecycle management


  • GPS, driver validations, driver behaviour, asset management
  • Cargo management, locking systems, refrigeration, freight monitoring

Regulatory Requirements

SmartJustice Cluster


  • Commercials, advisory, assessments, specifications, installations & configurations, integrations, developments, testing, support


  • Digitalization (physical to digital, paperless processes)
  • Geospatial intelligence (location layout + asset location, route optimization)
  • Asset tracking & management (vehicles, armoury, people, assets, stock, lease, maintenance management)
  • Monitoring (people/cars/drones video surveillance, control room optimization, data management, response orchestration, image recognition & recommendations)
  • Competency management (firearms, certifications, authentications, licenses)
  • Human (behaviour, location, assets, distance, on/off, duty lists & rosters)
  • Citizen services (alerting, locations, response management, emergency management, )
  • Evidence management (field, forensics lab etc.,)
  • Facilities: lab management & monitoring
  • Signage/Tagging/Physical/Digital: QR codes, laser, RFID, bar etc.


  • Case specific

Regulatory Requirements



  • Consultancy to identify and mitigate safety, security and resilience of risk to ensure:
    • Compliance
    • Reduced operational losses
    • Minimize external threats both physical & cyber related
  • Asset protection, service, maintenance and control


  • IoT provides operational compliance data on physical assets and processes
  • Active monitoring and control ensures strategic and operational solution based control of the required metrics to attain lifecycle, and other value based information, from the operations of any business and can be insured accordingly


  • Asset utilization, availability, location, behaviour, trouble shooting, self-healing, issue detection, tracking & monitoring
  • Metrics and usage based insurance packages (demand)
  • Type of usage and behaviour based
  • Alerts, alarms, notifications
  • Response orchestration

Regulatory Requirements

  • Entity, Solution, Product risk cover

Manufacturing cover: machinery, people, process, total quality & waste management, accidents, political risks, utilities & compliance

Process Orchestration

Framework process orchestration & automation

Data Integration

No-code real-time data replication, No-code data warehousing, No-code data goverenance & self-service

Data Analytics

Supporting any analytical cases especially real-time analytics

AI, ML, Augmented data, IoT, Blockchain, XR

SmartFarming Demo

See SmartFarming in action!

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