Active Intelligence

No-code real-time data exchange, process orchestrated and insights automations

driven by performance data changes and actions.


  • Real Time Data
  • Real Time Insights
  • Real Time Decision
  • Real Time Actions

Active Intelligence

A network of real-time data, people, processes and artificial intelligence enabling you to act in the now! Read The Blog


Why worry about manual complex coding platforms, methods, code quality, testing, deployment and maintenance when specialists have already created the code for you? No this does not make you a coder… rather a methodology and configuration specialist.


Why do later what you can do now? Are you still waiting for your insights to drop or are you continuously acting on them? Activate your Intelligence.


Algorithm automated decision and recommendation frameworks that drive and learn from your data. Automated process orchestrations with human in/out the loop depending on the performance data changes and related downstream process automations.

Active Intelligence IoT and System End-Point Automations

Real-Time Automated Workforce

We bring the data to the role!

Active Intelligence

Imagine a data pipeline running through your business, executing processes and triggering actions in real time based on changes in your data. What does that mean for your business… your people… your performance… your liquidity… your governance… your quality… your competitiveness?

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What You Need:

  • Real-time quality data exchange
  • Real-time data transformation
  • Real-time data governance and self-service
  • Real-time insights
  • Read-time decisions
  • Real-time actions
  • Real-time automation
  • Real-time performance monitoring

What We Provide:

  • Data Management Consultation (Capability Development)
  • Digitization –> Digitialization –> Digital Transformation Consultation (4IR Integrations)
  • No-code and code driven data integration Automation
  • Process orchestration automation
  • Data augmentation and advanced analytics

Active Intelligence

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Process Orchestration

Framework process orchestration & automation

Data Integration

No-code real-time data replication, No-code data warehousing, No-code data goverenance & self-service

Data Analytics

Supporting any analytical cases especially real-time analytics


AI, ML, Augmented data, IoT, Blockchain, XR

Example Solution Types

Infrastructure Healing Technology

Problems with infrastructure or hardware are immediately known and fixes are executed automatically

Supply Chain Automation

Your supply chain has never been this integrated, automated and firing on all cylinders, responding to changing business requirements

Real-Time Fraud/Event Detection

Algorithm profiling based on behavioural changes within the data and automated evidence collection ensures the good guys win

Process Dependency Management

End-to-End automations with people in/out the loop