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Templated Actionable Insights Automation

Being able to drive Actionable Insights effectively is essential to any business today! Analyse, find insights, create actions and proactively monitor the delivery!

Actionable Insigths

Explore your data, find your insights, create actions that drive those improvements to your business on every level

Task Management

Integrate our prebuilt solution to any action / task management system and gain a comprehensive performance and monitoring views of your operations and people’s effectiveness

Story Telling

Prepare a snapshot of your current performance for your time management and project meetings. Snapshots are interactive and linked to your time management data


Interactive report views and static scheduled report exports (Optional)

Comprehensive Analytics

We have built some great analytics around your tasks showing your tasks by folder, by due date by open/closed and duration.

We have produced analytical views that show your open/closed/starred tasks by period created/closed by year, month, day of week, day of month

Static Reporting (Optional)

Scheduled And Distributed Static Reports

Task Status Report

Task Status By Period

Task Status By Person

Overdue Tasks


Future Proof


Any Task Management System

On-Premise and Cloud Options

Annual Subscription

We implement your future proved comprehensive task management solution within 1-3 months

Our prebuilt solution ensure you balance 100%

  • Measures
  • Dimensions
  • Rules
  • Calculations
  • Standartisation (Governed Library)
  • Visualizations

Future Proof