Sage Cloud Accounting

Become your own financial advisor.

It’s how your financials drive your competitive strategy.

Understand your finances and understand your business.

Financial Performance

Comprehensive financial performance and detailed accounting analytics solution.

Detailed accounting analytics: Debtors, Creditors, Expenses, Inventory, Multi-Entity


Financial Planning

Profit & Loss based detailed planning on account level through forecasting, scenario and integrated planning (P&L, BS, Cash Flow Statement)

Story Telling

Prepare a snapshot of your current performance for your finance, management and operational meetings. Snapshots are interactive and linked to your financial data


Interactive report views and static scheduled report exports (Optional)

Sage Cloud Accounting Analytics

Sage Cloud Accounting Solution


Tired of reports? Try our ready analytical application for Sage Cloud Accounting.


  • Company Performance (Base module subscription)
    • Overviews
    • Planning
      • Scenario planning against budgets
      • Integrated scenario planning
    • Budget analysis
    • Expenses analysis
    • Dynamic self-service reporting (point & click)
    • Income statement (P&L), Balance sheet, Trial balances
    • Cash flow statements (in/out/variances)
    • General ledger
    • Bank account analysis
    • Account allocation
  • Debtor Management (Optional module)
    • Quotes, invoices & ageing analysis
    • Debtor sales analysis and comparisons
    • Gross profit analysis
  • Creditor Management (Optional module)
    • Orders, invoices & creditor days outstanding analysis
    • Creditor sales analysis and comparisons
  • Expenses Management (Optional module)
    • Detailed expenses analysis
  • Inventory (Stock) Management (Optional module)
    • Detailed inventory analysis with forecasting for order increments vs. delivery timelines (learning)
  • Multiple entity performance analysis (Optional module)
    • PnL, Balance sheet and key driver performance camparisons between entities

Engagement Options:

Contact us for a discussion, we’ll have you up and analysing in no time.

SaaS Platform Services

  • Application hosting
  • Data integration and real time data
  • Data catalogs for business user data understanding
  • Data governance and compliance
  • End-point execusion automation sending data to other systems to complete transactions
  • Access help, learning portal, community and privacy policies
  • Application features
    • Notes
    • Reporting
    • Notifications & Alerts
    • Bookmarks for repetitive analysis
    • Interactive & shareable user stories
    • Visualisations and analytics exploration of data
    • Insight Advisor – artificial intelligence query / answer / visualisation generation on data
    • Selection query visualization to understand the data impact and lineage

A2I Overview

A2I Planning

A2I Scenario Planning


A2I Cashflows

A2I Bank Consolidations

A2I Debtors

A2I Debtor Ageing

A2I Dynamic Stories

Analysis Modules

Performance Overview
Financial Performance
General Ledger Transactions
Bank Account Transactions
Account Analysis
Debtor Analysis
Financial Analysis
Trade Receivable Details
Ageing Per Customer
Top Customer Sales
Customer Sales Analysis Total
Customer Analysis
Customer Distribution
Customer Distribution Details
Comparative Sales & Invoice By Quarter
Top Sales Changes
Sales Analysis
Sales Ranking
Sales vs Receipts vs Receivables
Gross Profit Analysis
Top Customer GP by Item & Category
Tope Item GP
Customer Sales Analysis Ranking
Customer Tax Invoice Status
Invoice By Status
Quotes By Customer, Rep & Items
Unallocated Receipts
Contact Lists
Top Item Sales vs Procurement
Top Item and Category
Top Item vs Total Sales
Top Item Category Sales
Top Item Category Comparison
Top Item Sales Change
Item Sales Comparison
Item Category Sales By Customer
Customer Products View
Quotes By Customers
Quotes By Customers By Items
Debtors By Year/Month
Sales vs Debtors by Year/Month
Item Category Sales Pecentages
Customer Sales Percentages By Category
Creditor Analysis
Financial Analysis
Trade Payable Details
Top Supplier Purchases
Top Purchases Change
Item Purchases Ranking
Purchases & Ranking
Supplier Financial Analysis Detailed
Supplier Distribution
Supplier Distribution Detailed
Top Item Purchases
Top Item Purchases Change
Item Category Purchases By Supplier
Comparative Purchases & Invoices Quarter
Contact Lists
Creditors By Year/Month
Purchases vs Creditors by Year/Month
Trade Payable Outstanding Analysis
Item Category Purchases Percentage
Supplier Purchases Percentage By Item Category
Expense Analysis
Expense Exceptions
Top Expense Change Analysis
Top Expense Account Analysis
Comparative Expenses
Comparative Expenses Detailed
Detailed Expense Amounts
Comparative Cumulative Expenses
YTD vs PYTD Analysis
Expenses MTD %
Cumulative MTD Expenses
Expenses MTD vs Sales
Stock/Inventory Analysis
Inventory Dashboard
Inventory on Hand
Inventory Ordering
Inventory Bucket Analysis
Item Sales Quantity and Value
Inventory On Hand By Item Ranking
Item Purchase Invoice By Quantity
Top Item on Hand Analysis
Item Ageing 
Item Ageing Units
Item Category Ageing
Item Category Ageing Units
Item Sales Invoices by Quantity
Item Ageing Proportions
Comparative Inventory
Item Sales Average Cost Value
Inventory Bucket Analysis: Monthly Stock Available
Inventory Bucket Analysis: Total Average Value
Inventory Bucket Analysis: Quantity
Inventory Bucket Analysis: Average Single Unit Cost
Inventory Bucket Analysis: 3 Month Sales highs
Category By Month Stock Availability
Financial Planning
Profit &Loss Forecasting
Scenario Planning
Integrated Planning
Budget Analysis
Exception Analysis
Dynamic Reports
Dynamic Report
Dynamic Pivot
Financial Statements
Profit & Loss
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Cashflow Statement
Cash Inflows & Outflows
Cash Flow Closing Bank Balances
Expsense Statement

80% Accounting Productivity Improvement


Financial Performance, Planning, Statements, Dynamic Reports, Debtor, Creditor, Expenses, Inventory And Multi-Entity Analysis


Self-service Static Reports


Any Accounting System

On-Premise and Cloud Options

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