Analytics2Insights Ready Solutions

Making you more competitive with your data quicker! Take advantage of our experience to drive high impact value creation.

Active Intelligence

  • Real Time Data
  • Real Time Insights
  • Real Time Decisions
  • Real Time Actions!
  • Real Time Orchestration in the now!

Accounting Analytics

Comprehensive accounting analytics across debtors, creditors, expenses, inventory, multi-entity and performance statements and management accounts.

Twitter Analytics

Investing in Twitter then this is your management platform. Ensure your message gets through, ensure your campaign growth, ensures your response is real time.

Process Optimization

Statistical analysis of your IT, business and system processes.

We’re not sure it’s a solution, we’re thinking it’s a new paradigm shift in Business Intelligence!

Real-time process orchestration defined by changes in performance data.

  • Single View Of Customer
  • Infrastructure Healing
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Core Process Execution In Real-Time


Finance & Accounting

Accounting Analytics

Comprehensive prebuilt templated accounting analytics automation solution that provides data exploration across your debtors, creditors, expenses, inventory and multi-companies.

Social Media

Twitter Analytics

Comprehensive prebuilt templated Twitter analytics that ensures you run and monitor your Twitter spend on campaigns properly.


Process Optimization

Embed your analytics into your process and process related systems and portals to continuously monitor and improve your processes pro-actively.

Time Management

Integrate to any timesheet system for your time allocation analysis across customers, projects, tasks and people. Connect to your financial system to incorporate your billing analysis.

Actionable Insights

Analyze your performance and create your actions within any task management system to monitor your implementation of your actions across action types, statuses, people, time and more dimensions.