Capability Maturity Model Integration – Data Management Maturity


  • A common terminology
  • A shared understanding of vision amonst stakeholders
  • A clear path to increased data management capabilities
  • A methodology to achieve alignment between business & IT


Capability maturity drives quality performance results through the systematic execution of processes across various areas and dependencies. Becoming a real-time enterprise requires strong IT and Business capability across key process areas such as strategy, governance, quality, architecture, operations and supporting processes.


Becoming more process orientated and driving capability improvements ensures you execute processes more effectively and automate processes systematically with people in/out the process loop. Processes can be AI/ML driven.


As you increase your capability maturity to predictability and systematic execution of processes will ensure you reach better more timely results moving your organisation to real-time seamless execution that illiminates waste and acts in the now thus saving costs, acting now and driving profits higher.


Structured To Manage Dependencies Across Categories

The CMMI-DMM provides an assessment methodology with a best practice reference roadmap for improvement implementations to balance your capability on processes across IT and business.

The methodology assesses your process capabilities across six main categories (6) and twenty five process areas within those categories.

Working through the assessments across these areas and documenting the findings and recommendations based on best practice work products aligns the outcome engineered roadmap with the final report ensuring focus on the priorities that will immediately improve your business.

Executive Challenges With Data

Major Challenges for the Data Management Executive

  • How do I understand how complicated the challenges are?
  • How do I define and plan the high priority initiatives?
  • How do I educate and inform my multi-levelled audiences?
  • How do I achieve commitment to build and sustain a successful data management program?

Introducing CMMI-DMM℠ Capability Assessment


Assessments, Methods, Practise Statements & Functional Work Products

The DMM model outcome is a guided path to improvement with all the assessment and evaluation findings and recommendations packed into a planned and priority based implementation roadmap.

The assessment provides the gap and priority roadmap for your IT and Business Data Management capability implementation to ensure your processes are streamlined.

The real value in the DMM model is certainly the assessment which provides the assessed and measured current and future state and the path to attaining the next maturity levels from  414+ best practise statements and 596+ functional work products as derived from leading data organisations globally.

Deployment Timeframes

The CMMI-DMM implementation is a rapid high impact consulting method to assess an organization.

It’s a packaged pre-developed methodology and workshop facilitated solution that can be implemented within any industry and any company looking to enhance their investment in their data management practises.

Fast Track To Benefits

Shared vision and understanding of data assets

Identification of strengths to be leveraged and gaps to be fixed

Strengthened data governance (collaboration, regulatory & compliance)

Risk mitigation and cost control

Consistent benchmarking and progress measurement

Clear path for improvement in 25 process areas

Defined roles for stakeholders within each discipline

Competitive advantage resulting from improved data quality, improved trust in data, and improved ability to make sound strategic decisions

“This is a critical period for effective data management because of the growth of data and the risk and opportunities this presents. Booz Allen has long recognized the need for a model that can assist organizations in their data management. The DMM model effectively addresses this need. As a user of CMMI with client organizations, Booz Allen has found that having DMM based on the CMMI facilitates the implementation and
effectiveness of data management practices.”

Leslie DiFonzo

Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

“DMM has accelerated the Microsoft Real-Time Enterprise Journey, and is an effective and unambiguous language to align Microsoft IT and businesses goals in real-time. The recommendations provided by the CMMI Institute and the DMM model were actionable and scalable for a large organization like Microsoft Corporation, and enabled quick assessments that led to immediate execution.”

Luisa Recalcati

Senior Director, Library & Network

“The DMM model provides the best available tool for organizations to objectively evaluate where they stand
against practices that their peers have identified as necessary to do well at data management. It transcends any
one industry, and has proven to be a valuable asset to anyone that has to manage data or improve data
management practices within their organization.”

Jeff Gorball

Managing Director, Kingland Systems Corporation

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