Managed Cloud Active Intelligence Platform:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Hosted Managed Services
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Governance, Risk, Compliance Data Process Controls
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Advanced Analytics (Analytics, Reports, AI/ML)
  • Deployments: On-premises, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises

Schemaxon connects to your relevant performance data utilized to manage organisations on every division and business unit.

Schemaxon data services ensure we provide one version of truth for advanced analytics planning, performance and operational automation.

Schemaxon industry solutions capture your industry specific performance data and writes it back to your enterprise systems for processing.

Schemaxon reduces risk with data, operational automation and advanced analytical decisions frameworks.

Schemata-Axon: a mental codification of experience that includes a particular organized way of perceiving cognitively and responding to a complex situation or set of stimuli driving action potential.

Schemaxon Platform

Schemaxon Risk Reduction Platform Overview

Data is a critical asset which drives organisational successes and/or failures.

Schemaxon platform connect, acquire, ingest, transform, prepare and enriches data creating context for case analysis and performance automations.

Schemaxon connects all data derived from enterprise and/or operational systems. Systems, devices and sensors provide metrics which are learned and optimized for control.  Orchestrated data processes are activated by the data performance levels and asset object requirements i.e. soil requires water based on weather predictions.

Data provides insights for process and performance optimization and is a means to control operations automatically, learn and further improve the controls based on learning and performance outputs and total process outcomes.

Schemaxon orchestrates the data and processes from organisation and function too responsible roles for analysis, decision and/or end-point execustion cross other systems from a single role based performance application interface. Repetitive tasks can be learned and easily automated through verious methods and algorithms.

Schemaxon schemata thus creates data codification, context aware insights and analysis experience driving decision logic orchestrated via humans and/or artificial intelligence algorithms. It orchestrates the data and timely actions to the responsible roles.

Scehmaxon takes the risk out of your data and thus your business.

Enabling Certainty In An Uncertain World

Globalisation Pressures

The world has changed significantly creating major risk for people, employees, employers, businesses, organisations and governments.

Globalisation has had a major impact on work quality from human lives and our world will never be the same. As global pandemics become more frequent, climate change pressures mount, global regulatory and other controls impact supply chains and upset our daily lives with stress, distractions and delays leading to lost opportunities due to poor data processes, context and controls.

Our platform is designed to take the uncertainty away from owners and users of the system and manage them within the processes of the system as we have reached the inflection point where systems now define human processes and automatically control complex regulatory procedures.

Schemaxon enables humans to understand and logically control their global supply chains enhancing existing competitive advantages.

We Control Risk

Schemaxon controls the data and thus the risk within the system. Managed services ensure your data are controlled via our governance, risk and compliance processes.

Our controlled data integration, data process orchestration, performance data, advanced analytics and end-point system automations are controlled and applies to regulatory controls.

Schemaxon decision frameworks control the data, applies the context transformations and deliver the data to SaaS data row level secured analytical applications for guided and self-service visualizations.

Adding IoT data to this context means we enable control of external systems, devices and control sensors. We can activate IoT devices based on metrics from the devices and thus control the operations based on data.

An agriculture example would be we know a crop section requires a certain amount of water based on the ground, crop and weather data thus the system can automatically switch on the pivots in this area to provide the water and then switch off once enough water has been delivered based on the sensor data.

What are your risk control requirements?

Schemaxon: Enabling Unique Value

Integrated Schemaxon Consciousness


  • Strategy engagements encompass data management strategy, communications, data management function, business case and funding models.
  • Schemaxon ensures single view of truth on both enterprise and operational strategies supported by governed decision frameworks.

Data Management

  • Active Intelligence: Near real time active intelligence providing data pipelines for analysis and role user/AI end-point actions
  • Contextual Awareness: We provide context to the “why-what-how-when” questions through case analysis, business and system analysis, systemic statistical process analysis and improvements.
  • Role Contextual Awareness: We create role based contextual awareness to the user or machine for decision making

Risk Management

  • Process Orchestration: Schemaxon GRC orchestrates the data processes to understand, streamline and automate potential bottlenecks end-to-end integrating the total processes for performance management and improvements
  • Decision Framework: Schemaxon ensure the correct risk management contextual regulatory & compliance awareness is adhered with system and people process controls. We deliver the data and context to the correct responsible roles

Operations Management

  • End-Point Execution: Schemaxon executes data and processes cross integrated systems so the user doesn’t need to work on multiple systems at the same time thus centralizing the role and function as part of the total process
  • Schemaxon learning algorithms automate repetitive tasks thus user can train the algorithm and remain in/out of the execution loop

Enabling Data Products

Data Products & Services

We base our demand generation capability on performance, as we utilize our learnings from both enterprise and operational performance to generate successful marketing campaigns which drive performance. We plan, execute, monitor and improve based on demand and supply successes and thus use our data to drive successful marketing outcomes.

All the data is there, most don’t use it effectively as there is too much noise. We pull the value data for performance and provide the details for analysis of campaigns and production improvements through to delivery of value generated and controlled by data.

Our open API’s provide the ability to develop data products directly connected to your performance data such as stock on hand when driving a special mobile sales campaign targeted at an analysis derived group of potential customers.

 We’re thinking way beyond the box of locked up data. The possibilities are endlessly wonderful.

Ecosystem Of Enablers

Ecosystem Partnerships

We partner with technology system vendors, Independent Software Vendors PaaS platforms, IoT automation and business partners to ensure our platform is fully supported globally.

Our vendor partnerships ensure we’re always in the loop with new developments and version deployments of their system upgrades and releases. We integrate to both vendor and organisational systems such as banking, insurance, funding and financing organisations.

We have a keen interest in data application developers as they create data products from data thus monitisation of performance data.

Our system integration and development partners ensure your solution is governed, risk and compliance managed within your own case deployment requirements and support the on-premises implementation of the solutions and IoT networks, systems and devices warrantees.

Our business partners ensure decision frameworks and end-point integrations are balanced on a corporate and user level.

Our government partners ensure end-to-end orchestration of risk and compliance processes.