Very happy to share some of our experiences with the summit this year.

I suppose it is always like that when you have such a massive investment in time, effort, resources and expense that one might wonder whether it was all worth it in the end? The answer for that is yes, as our main objective was to represent MM to our existing customers at the event and secondary to that it was to inform everyone else what we have been up to for the last year…. which has been a lot…

First of all it’s great to see MM up in lights:

So… what have we been up too?

  1. We have been building Analytics2Insights which is a cloud based platform that provides prebuilt analytical solutions that automatically integrates to your cloud based solutions – expected launch date 1 August 2018
  2. We have been investing heavily into our Advanced Insights business and bolstering out our team with some very good data scientists. The team represented some AI cases we have implemented around cashflow for instance as well as some SalesForce, Services Now, Reuters cases in Squirro the AI driven context intelligence solution
  3. We represented ebiexperts – WIP Agile lifecycle management solution for @Qlik #Qlik
  4. We represented our self service data management solution with Dremio
  5. We were quite happy with the interest in our total logical architecture and it is quite scary what we have been able to accomplish in the data architecture and analytics space

The team worked really hard during the day, spending great time informing our visitors about our solutions:

Ruan and JP did a great job (Ruan more than JP) on presenting our new cloud platform Analytics2Insights:

So after a long day working hard with the team we did manage one beer and then called it 🙂

Overall a very successful day with great engagements and information sharing sessions with existing customers and some interested prospective customers. 

Lessons Learned:

– Wear comfortable shoes