Fetch Data From Social Media and Any Web-Based Data Sources with a Light-Weight Web

Have you been struggling to fetch a data from Facebook, twitter, Google Analytics or any Web-based applications and your time is wasted while trying to find a better way to make your work simple? Everyone want their work to be simple and they also want to be happy at the end of the day. It is not also about you as an individual, but your organisation can improve their products as well as their services to their potential customers.

At Modernising Management, we take care of your data-to-actionable insights automation through data engineering, data analytics, & reporting and artificial intelligence! You take care of your competitors while we support your data literacy maturity growth across your organisation!

Data resides in more disparate locations as social media and other cloud-based data sources are becoming increasingly important. Companies need the ability to easily measure how well their social media activities are resonating in the market and with customers.

People spend 75% of their time collecting data and only 25% of time analysing, but with Qlik Web Collectors is other way round.

Qlik Web-connector is nothing but a light-weight web that helps you connect with any social media or web-based data sources through specific APIs and fetch data that you want. It provides out-of-the-box connectors that are designed for specific application and data sources. This eliminates the need for any in-house connector development or maintenance and allows for quick implementation.

 It does not matter the size or the kind of data you want it to be fetched, you just make selections and Qlik web-connector will do its job by generate Qlik Sense and QlikView load scripts that you can paste into script editor. 

You can learn how easy it is to fetch data and bring it straight into your Qlik Sense or QlikView environment by Michael Tarallo.

How To Download and Install Qlik Web Connectors

There are possible data sources available for Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription like Amazon Redshift (Beta), AYLIEN News(Beta), Facebook Fan Page& Groups(Beta) and more.

I believe that Qlik Web Connector can be a solution you have been looking for, it will minimise time you use to spend trying to fetch data from social media and other cloud-based data sources.