Professional Services

We are Outcome Engineering Focused!

We take care of your data-to-actionable insights automation through data engineering, data analytics, & reporting and artificial intelligence!

You take care of your competitors while we support your data literacy maturity growth across your organisation!

Data Engineering

  • Unfied Data Services
  • Data Connections & Ingestion
  • Data Transformations (ETL/ELT)
  • Data Movement (Batch, Streaming)
  • Data Staging
  • Data Warehouse Automation
  • Data Lake Creation
  • Data Modelling
  • Governed Data Catalogs

Analytics & Visualization

  • Business Rules
  • Complex Analytical Visualizations
    • Exception Management
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Forecasting
    • Budgeting & Planning
    • Accounting Analytics
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Actionable Insights
  • Contextual Analytical Stories
  • Augmented Data Services
  • Cognitive Driven Self-Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics & Recommendation Models
  • SmartAlerts & InsightsBots
  • Query Oriented NLP
  • Optimization & Productionalization
  • Contextual Intelligence & Recommendations
  • Narrative Sciences

Implementation Services

  • Assessment Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Managed Publication Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Agile Management Methods
  • Capability & Maturity Management – Data Literacy

Managed Services

  • Cloud Hosting Services (Azure, AWS, Google, Other)
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Continuous Assessment Services
  • Continuous Proactive Administration Services
  • Agile Development, Source Control & Versioning Services
  • Support Help Desk

Training Services

  • Technology Development Training
  • Technology User Training
  • Technology Self Service Training
  • Technology Data Modeling Training
  • Data Literacy Training

Support Services

  • Service Level Support Services
  • Managed Services (All administration of infrastructure and solution optimisation management outsourced to MM)
    • Requirements Management
    • Installations, Upgrades & Configurations
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Continuous Administration
    • Source Control, Versioning, Quality Control
    • Proactive Planning & Continuous Monitoring
    • Support Desk

Data Engineering & Data Analytics Services

Platform & Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure & Data Architecture Services
  • Managed & Hosting Services
  • Installations, Configurations, Managed Services
  • Authentication & Security Management Across Environments & Devices

Data Services

  • Data Connections and Ingestion
  • Data Movement (Streaming), Warehouse Automation, Data Lake Creation
  • Data Integration & Transformation Services (ETL/ELT)
  • Data Governance & Catalogs

Visual Data Analytics Services

  • Analytical Application Development
  • Cognitive Driven Self Service
  • Web & Mobile Mash-up Development
  • Advanced UI/UX Design
  • Global Search & Insights Recommendations

Advisory Services – How To Compete On Data

As an expert data engineering and advanced analytics company we are best positioned to unpack a problem, perform due diligence, statistically analyse it to provide insights and recommendations.

Our advisory services are based on facts, which is why our customers choose to work with us to validate their investment plans and strategic decisions.

Our people are business analyst, commercial and analytical people that ask the correct questions around real world problems.

Our Advisory services consists of:

  • Strategic Consultation (Corporate, Data & BI Strategies)
  • Assessments
  • Data Literacy Maturity Management
  • Education & Training
  • Continuous Improvement

Professional Services – Outcome Engineered

As a multi award winning data engineering and advanced analytics company our implementation services are second to none!

Our standard implementation process runs from assessment to maintenance of published applications that are controlled throughout the process.

Our team consists of experienced infrastructure engineers, data engineers, data scientists and business intelligence analysts that adhere to our implementation standards and controls and additionally ensures we deliver innovative end-to-end solution with our customers.

Our service delivery engagement process ensures all stakeholders are comfortable with the progress and all quality assurances are in place and controlled.

We have a 100% success rate!

Data Engineering

As a specialist data engineering company our data management and processing capabilities are core to our success.

We follow CRISP-DM methodology which ensures we control our process throughout the engagement. CRISP-DM ensures we assess, specify, execute, test and deploy within our agile implementation framework.

Our implementation methodology ensures we manage all risk, governance, data quality and compliance related processes and procedures within the project or program.

We provide a host of data management solutions though our technology partnerships with Qlik and Microsoft.

Data-Insights-Decisions-Actionable Insights

Data Analytics

We have implemented thousands of analytical applications for our customers ranging from reporting type implementations to very complex statistical and machine learning analytics.

We provide the best data analytics services in the country.

Our implementation methodology ensures we tell the story of your data. It is imperative that we plan the story well to ensure the user can seamlessly navigate across the analytics and easily interpret the data.

That is where our data analytics services come into play. A good visualisation requires a good design, correct utilisation of colour, context, naming conventions, dynamic rendering and so forth so it is essential that all visualisations are well planned within the total application design and user experience.

There is only one rule when it comes to analytics: 100% accurate data!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have vast practical experience in developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for our customers. We have implemented prediction and recommendation models on large scale within our platforms.

We have developed software InsightsBots, SmartAlerts, predictive and recommendation models using various open source technologies as well as Squirro. We continue to build these AI implementations further with a wider access to the data and the learning models.

Our Microsoft partnership provides us access to the Azure platform and all the AI tools to build enterprise standard AI solutions.

Global Managed Services

We provide an international managed services solution.

Do you need support to manage your on-premise/cloud/hybird environments? We have the perfect solution that is fully contained and future proof!

Our managed services solution provides a source controlled method for the management of everything within your BI estate. We utilize ebiexperts – WIP as a base for all our monitoring, control, versioning, publications, administration and audits across your estates.

Our Managed Services encompass the following:

  • Hosting
  • Infrastructure & Application Configuration
  • Continuous Administration (Managed Health)
  • Support Desk – Service Levels
  • Professional Services
  • Training Services

What’s The Value?

  • Manage your Qlik or Microsoft platform total cost of ownership
  • Enhance service quality, reliability and availability
  • Keep up to date with the latest Qlik enhancements
  • Respond effectively to changing business requirements
  • Get some sleep, we’ve got you covered!


Training Services

Our training services are provided remotely or are classroom based within South Africa.

We provide all documentation in digital format and provide one-on-one support where needed throughout the course.

We use various online services (Zoom, Microsoft Teams) to perform remote trainings globally. We are happy to utilize any system of your preference as long as the quality is good and the service is stable for the audience.


  • Product Trainings
  • Data Modelling Training
  • End User Training
  • Data Literacy Training
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Professional Services

Ensuring your successfully defined, scoped and resourced solution delivery!

Training Services

We provide product training and user training services to our partners and customers.

Support Services

We provide a holistic support service ranging from proactive environment monitoring to SLA based maintenance services.