Can we create value together?

Can we create something unique together?

Can we create value for our mutual customers together?

Partnership Types

  • Require a data integration & advanced analytics partner?
  • Need to outsource your data management requirements?
  • Technology vendors with value add solutions?
  • Management consultants that require a data partner?

Partner Services

  • Engagement & Expectation Management
  • Assessments & Solutioning
  • Shared Resource Management
  • License Management


  • Solutioning Specialists
  • Technology Specialists
  • Data Specialists
  • Data Integration & Analytics Specialists

In today’s business landscape, longstanding boundaries and means of competitiveness are blurring daily. A competitor can become a partner, a partner can become a customer, and a customer can become a competitor.

The solution is not to wall off but to lean in to a new form of competitive edge enabled through generative relationships with mutually beneficial outcomes!

Partner with us and let’s create an Active Intelligence IoT ecosystem to service our world with technology, devices, training, education and operational optimization. Let’s secure our cities, bulk resources, food security, employment, finances and insurances, funding, companies and homes. Let’s automate our world so we can start living!

We will never conflict with you and your customers and we expect the same in return as a partnership success is based on mutual trust and cooperation.

As an accredited and fully certified Qlik and Microsoft partner we partner with other product and service companies in order to provide a broader range of products and services to our mutual customers.

We are constantly on the lookout for new value add solutions to our existing data integration and advanced analytics solutions.

Let’s build some value together!

Social Media Analytics

Alfonzo Words | Enricoh Alfonzo


“Thanks to Modernising Management (Analytics2Insights), we were able to gauge the “HYPE” Alfonzo Words campaigns promised & can understand better the need for them to increase our brand awareness online.”

~Vanguard Accounting ~

The New Accountant’s Frontier

bdk Software Solutions | Juan Visser

Managing Director

“Automation drives efficiency and productivity improvements for our customers.”

~Juan Visser ~

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