Value Proposition

As we enter a paradigm shift moving the data objective down the data pipeline from insights and augmented analytics to continuous actions through optimized process execution it takes me back to the good old performance management days and I am very happy to see such methodologies coming back into what we do as a company. Our history as a leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Process Management (BPM) company positions us very well for Active Intelligence, the new era in Business Intelligence.

We are fortunate that our history provides us all the methodologies and tools we need to successfully execute Active Intelligence solutions where your data and changes in your data executes your processes with people in/out the loop and utilizing the algorithm economy value to drive self-service, decision support frameworks, competitive frameworks and so forth.

The basis of our methodology is to deploy capability based on maturity of your processes, systems and people. As we No-code automate your data movement at scale, we automate your data warehousing and data lakes, data governance and quality, across your analytical capability and ability to self-service from data. Our implementations are based on the capability maturity levels in your organisation.

Cloud & SaaS

Looking to take advantage of cloud economies? We’ve got you covered with our CloudSOS service. Our planning provides a full economical and TCO model for cloud and micro service migrations. We are working actively with our customers to migrate their data to cloud at scale. Our No-code data replication capability makes it very easy to migrate data from your on-premise to cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments. Need to move not only your stages but migrate your warehouse and marts to cloud? We’ve got you covered!


With a paradigm shift in our ability to deliver value from data to our customers, we also change our brand to reflect our more modern performance driven Active Intelligence solutions. We love continuous improvement and change as an organization and felt this a good time to modernise, contextualize and articulate our value message more clearly. We had a vote and 100% of our team selected our new logo and slogan.

We trust the clean and clear message updates on our website, brochures are valuable and concise for our prospective customers and partners. “We thank our amazing marketing team for taking care of every step throughout our rebrand and making it a pleasant experience for our team. The new brand is fresh, vibrant and now! Great work team!!” Says JP Kirton, MD, Modernising Management (Pty) Ltc

Short Term Focus Areas

Our focus will be to invest in:

  • Active Intelligence Solution’s: SmartCompanies & SmartCities
  • Extension of partnerships to address more Active Intelligence cases… you’ll see the examples when we launch them.
  • Data Management Maturity Assessment and Implementation: Data Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Platforms & Architecture, Data Operations, Supporting Processes
  • Cloud First: CloudSOS Rapid cloud deployments of both data and analytics assets implementing Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud (on-premises & cloud) and Multi-cloud (cross hyperscallers and avoidance of lock-ins) solutions as well as SaaS all with economical and TCO models.
  • Complex data solutions: Single version of the truth, Single view of customer
  • Prebuilt rapid deployment solutions: 360View, CloudSOS, Analytics2Insights