We have launched our new Active Intelligence IoT solution platform. We provide comprehensive orchestrated active intelligence operational automated solutions with complete autonomous execution from data.

We’ve taken our IoT capability to the next level. Our Active Intelligence IoT solution completely automated your operations with the data and control from your IoT devices and sensors combined with the orchestration, decision frameworks, advanced analytics of our real time Active Intelligence solutions.

We provide one of the most comprehensive IoT capability in the market with over 40+ sensor types and 300+ sensors presenting thousands of metrics from the data they generate. Additionally to the devices we provide the total solutioning engineering from site assessments to automated maintenance of the implemented site and additionally to this, oh yeah, we completely orchestrate your operations to fully automate and control their outcomes based on planned and agreed scenario’s.

What’s Different?

We’ll talk about the cost points but the difference is we can automate combined solutions and orchestrate a planned outcome through control from the data.

Let’s take a farm


We can completely automate the growth diary based on the sensors as the sensors control the bulk resource distribution such as water, electricity and fuel but we also know how much to distribute based on the operational data we receive from the site. We can thus plan based on the data, find the optimal quality and growth yield levers in the data and automate the operations to execute that growth diary, all based on the data. Our solution ensures data, people systems are in sync to secure the investment through data products, analytics integration to all sources of data not only the IoT automation.

What We Do:

Bulk resource management:

Water, fuel, electricity, gas


Transport & Movement


Did We Fix The Problem With IoT?

IoT has not proven to be as sucssfull as we expected due to the exorbitant costs especially since with certain providers one would require SIM cards on the devices. Our duel way LoRa network ensures 4 integrated devices per node, 500 nodes per gateway connected to a network with satellite integration options.


We provide the solutions as a service. We have the platform ready to launch your solution:

The IoT investment is not a cheap one and doesn’t always interest investors. Banks and insurance companies are not always that eager to ensure the venture but all this changes as we provide the level of risk management via active control on the business throughput and outputs such as with the farming case, we provide the guarantee of the correct growth diary management and assentially assure the yield.

Current Solutions:

  • SmartCities (various solutions including bulk resource management and control to homes)
  • SmartCompanies (various solutions)
  • SmartPharma
  • SmartAgriculture & SmartFarming
  • SmartJustice Cluster (Police, courts, prisons)
  • SmartBanking & SmartInsurance (Control the insured assets)
  • SmartTransport

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