As a fully certified Microsoft partner we have invested significantly in the development of the total Microsoft Data Management, Machine Learning and Analytics solution certifications and have gained significant experience in successfully implementing such solutions

Our fully certified Microsoft advanced analytics team consist of people that specialise in data architect, data engineering and data sciences. They have passed or are in the process of completing their MCSA, MCSE including R, Python and Machine Learning Certifications.

Our advanced analytics teams consist of data engineers that have great experience in working with complex systems and data processes to ensure we have the correct data, in the correct manner and availability to implement our advanced analytics solutions.

Our data engineers work with advanced analytics tools such as R, Python, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Big data engineering in cloud, and PowerBI products to perform their data engineering work. Our data engineers work closely with our data scientists on each project ensuring we combine the correct data with the correct statistical and mathematical algorithms and complex visualizations to provide the correct outcomes of the analytics cases.