The Social Media Analytics Advantage

So many platforms, so many tweets, posts and likes from tweeps and peeps......

We know how you can manage your social media presense correctly, and it does not have to be a overly costly experience!

We provide a comprehensive on-premise and hosted social media analysis solution. Our solutions span across various sectors such as banking, finances, retail and others. If you are a bank we also provide a historical social media database for trending and analysis. 

Our solution connects to social media platforms and extracts selected information (hastags, keywords, categories etc.) utilized for analysis across various stakeholders such as partners, customers, competitors, employees and so forth. Additionally to standard geographical, volume and time based analysis we provide sentiment analysis on your organisation based on your various stakeholder dimensions. Our analysis solution is a service solution that ensures daily maintenance is performed to optimize analysis and take advantage of opportunities within your social media presense.

As an advanced analytics company we have predefined metrix utilized for analysis and exception management to ensure your daily, weekly, monthly, trending and opportunity management is properly maintained.

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