Outsourced Analytics & Reports for small to large enterprises


We provide outsourced Analytics and Reporting services to companies with disparate systems of record. We provide our end to end service to growth companies that require central integrated views of their business, customer, accounting, financial management, human capital and so forth.

We support you to run, optimize and grow your organisations through effective intelligence and decision support management. You provide the data, we provide the analytics!


We perform the initial workshops with the customer to understand their intelligence requirements, KPI's and measures across their various functions and data. We investigate the data availability and transport protocols required by the customer to ensure the data is always secure. We define the end result and customer expectations.


  • Data blending and mining
  • We blend, clean and mine your data to standardize it for effective use.
  • We perform quality checks as well as identify any patterns we can exploit within the raw data.
  • We transform the data to be utilized as intelligence.

Providing analytics is an iterative process with the customers. Our consulting service has defined the requirements and we deliver this during the analytics phase. As an advanced analytics company we have lots of experience in delivering value analytics to customers across various segments. The value of analytics is in the ability, to support you, to know what is good and what requires improvement within your organisation, as well as provide intelligence around the current and possible future scenarios and outcomes. Our ability to utilize various data sciences enables us to provide you with intelligence on the history, current and possible future state of your organisation from various perspectives and dimensions.


Customer have an option to access their analytics through an dynamic collaborative web interface or embedded to their own intranet. We also provide an automated static reporting solution that will provide you with your reports as and when you need it within the format you need it.

Data Enrichment

Additionally to staging and providing you with your analysis and reporting solutions we have the access and ability to enrich your data further through open data such as weather, indexes, currency exchange data and so forth. Additional more specific data can be sourced based on your specific industry requirements.