Advisory Services

Our advisory services spans across operational, tactical and strategic engagements. Our services are delivered across functional areas such as finance, human capital, marketing, governace and compliance, fraud, Risk, legal and operations.

As an expert analytics company we are best positioned to unpack a problem, perform due dilligence, statistically and consultatively analyse it, provide insights and recommendations. Our advisory services are based around a host of advanced analytical tools that enable data sciences work, advanced and predictive analytics, as well as presentation and reporting services. Our advisory services are based on facts, which is why our customers choose to work with us to validate their investment plans and strategic decisions.

Our people are commercial and analytical people that ask the correct questions around real world problems, and when answered correctly through our process, impacts your business positively. Our people work in logical and correct ways to define and implement a solution so words like regression, the linear model, factor analysis and principal components analysis are part of our lexicon.

Operational Advisory Services

Operational systems, whether part of the enterprise system or bespoke developed for a specific reason, contains critical information required to drive strategic objectives such as cost savings and/or growing revenue and profitability results. With years of experience in providing operational analysis advisory services to our banking and finance customers, we are the perfect company to engage with, for your needs.

Process Analysis

Our Senior Analysts have the process re/engineering skills to unpack a process, analyse the various inputs and outputs based on defined baselines, perform a full analysis on the various components of the process and provide recommendations. We perform these analysis services on both manual and system and a combination of manual and system processes. Combining our process analysis and advanced analytics capabilities, and machine learning products, provides a compelling solution to most of our customer.

Tactical Decision Support

Decisions can be influenced by many variables and each changing based on a certain scenario, and this makes tactical decision making difficult. Our process for unpacking the requirement, ensuring the scope is fully defined, and performing multi scenario analytics is second to none.

Strategic Advisor Services

As a performance management company we have provided many strategic dashboard solutions based on KPA's, KPI's and various qualitative and quantitative measures that support the strategic decision making process. 

Our team of analysts are not only going to build your decision support model, but also unpack, automate and analyse it for you, and make it part of your daily process.

Professional Services

Service Overview

We provide a host of services spanning across the total engagement cycle. As Qlik is able to govern itself, we have built a host of applications that we use to ensure the efficient planning, assessment, specification, development, deployment and maintenance of the total Qlik Implementation and Support process.

We provide the following services:


Seeing is believing is a proof of concept process that aims to show the value of Qlik in a short period of time

ImplementationOverview transparent


Our assessment process ensures we ask all the questions to correctly assess and define the current and future Qlik estate(s). The outcome of an assessment is a living blueprint of the total Qlik budget and environment specification.


Our implementation process is based on a developed specification or agile developed applications of which the specification is then derived. We follow standard development practices as performed by accredited developers and deployment practices as maintained by accredited administrators. All controls are managed and quality controls spans across the total process.

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Software Services

Service Overview

We provide specialist Qlik and Qlik Ecosystem 3rd party software services.

Our software services encompass license management, product knowledge management, product training, installation, configuration, upgrade, migration and testing as well as software maintenance services.

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Support Services

Service Overview

Our Health Analysis Suite of products and services ensure the optimal running of your Qlik Platform.

The Suite encompasses the following services and tools:

  • AssessmentAnalyzer
  • ServerAnalyzer
  • ApplicationAnalyzer
  • NPrintingAnalyzer
  • CompetencyAnalyzer

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Training Services

Service Overview

We provide product training and user training services to our partners and customers.

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