MM 2020 Close and Our 2021 Plans


Here we are again at the end of the year but what an extraordinary year it has been. Every company’s supply chain has been hit hard with the lockdown restrictions, staff risks, customer conditions, liquidity, revenue, and overall economic decline. Some companies have been able to respond very well and thrive through 2020 and other are still reeling from the and trying to ensure their futures planning for 2021 and what possibilities that may bring.

If nothing else this year has proven that personal relationships between people is what got us up every morning, but data is what truly guided our decisions this year.

We have seen a massive uptake in BI and data usage right from the get-go when Covid-19 hit, and the lockdown started. Our statistics across customers reveal a 50% – 600% increase in usage that kicked off already in April 2020. This is phenomenal and the real question is why it took a pandemic with subsequent lockdowns to drive data-based decision making and operational improvements actively within every part of the business.

MM has been very fortunate to have been able to continue our business. We are fortunate that we have been able to assist some customers with payment holidays and other methods to support their own liquidity as well as ours. During this period, we have been very busy taking advantage of a “less busy” schedule for daily customer deliverables where we were able to allocate some time to realign our business to our new ways of working. Our new delivery model ensures we support our customers throughout their maturity growth.

We execute our New Ways Of Work (NWOW) on 11 January 2021.

What Is Planned For 2021?

Data Literacy

We have realigned our practices to support our customer maturity levels which we are now able to monitor and manage as part of our data literacy methodology and services.

Data Management Consulting Services

We have expanded our DMM consulting capabilities across all areas of the data business with detailed assessments, advisory, planning and execution services across the board where we manage your data maturity across various categories such as Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Operations, Data Platform & Architecture and Supporting Processes. We are very excited to launch our new services during February 2021. Please contact us now to book some discussions.

Active Intelligence

We have demo’ed our first version of our active intelligence solution to one of our largest customers and it was very well received. This truly is the future of BI which is process optimization through analysis and automation based on your ever changing data. We will actively start marketing our solution in February but should you be interested to see our demo please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to implement successfully!


BBBEE has and will continue to be a major drive and investment for MM. 

We have great plans which we will announce either before the end of the year or in February that will greatly affect the benefits for all our customers. We ourselves are extremely excited about the prospects.

We thank all our partners for all their support during these challenging times. It has been a great experience to see companies are at the end people and people will support where able and possible. We thank our reseller and vendor partners for their great continued support and investments in these trying times. We look forward to building a great blend of solutions with you during 2021.

Last but certainly not least we thank all our customers that have provided us with the opportunity to make them successful with their BI strategies. We thank all the people we work with on a daily basis. We build relationships and we support on a personal level where possible through a drive to improve our mutual prospects where all stakeholders benefit and this is truly a win/win relationship. We appreciate you and we thank you sincerely for your continued support.

Please note that MM will be closed from 11 December till 11 January unless alternative plans have been made within individual projects.

We wish you a safe, restful, and blessed holiday season. 

Wishing you quality time with your loved ones and rest that is deserved by all fighting the good fight to support our families through these challenging times.

Modernising Management Team