We Are Happy To Announce our Partnership with CMMI-DMM℠

We are happy to announce our partnership with the Capability Maturity Model Integration – Data Management Maturity (CMMI-DMM℠). We have partnered with DataWise Inc, a CMMI-DMM certified partner who, in collaboration with 50+ other authors, 70+ peer reviews, 80+ organizations, literally wrote the best practice assessment reference model.

CMMI-DMM assessment model is a high impact consultation process that runs from 4 – 8 weeks depending on the scope of the work required.

Working with DataWise enables us to leverage their enormous experience and to certify our implementations as official ISACA/CMMI Institute assessors, as a strategic partner.

“In my presentation “Why Analytics is Broken,” I address the time-intensive burden that analytics teams face when integrating data for insights, due to inadequate data management practices. Source data is frequently undocumented, names and datatypes often differ, and data quality defects are discovered.  Many academic studies have shown that up to 80% of an analyst’s time is spent researching data meaning and remediating defects  in source data. This is an enormous business problem, as organizations increasingly depend on incisive and timely insights. Modernising Management, through extensive work in integrating data and empowering business intelligence, has often encountered these issues and is now offering its clients a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of data management practices and roadmap for improvements, as an essential foundation to accelerate time to insight.”

Melanie Mecca

CEO, DataWise


The DMM model has been implemented to many of the top companies across all sectors.

What Is It?

In a DMM Assessment, a certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME)SM facilitates the evaluation of your program against the Data Management Maturity model’s documented best practices. In three weeks, you will know your strengths and gaps in detail, along with actionable recommendations including:


The unique assessment process incorporates collaborative workshops, individual interviews, evaluation of current practices, and expert analysis to produce a detailed report on the state of your data management program across 6 categories and 25 process areas.


“As the investment into data management within companies become a priority for CIO’s and CDO’s it is apparent that the ad-hoc improvement of processes only move bottlenecks around between IT and Business with continuous struggles to maintain and improve and we see these team’s fail as business as usual takes over their days and improvements are parked… continuously. We invested in the assessment capability model to be able to provide a best practice assessment service as well as a multi year roadmap for improvement that will bring the total process model maturity level to optimal performance. Not only does the assessment provide you with a roadmap but also guidance, examples, white papers, practice statements and work products. We then utilize this best practice roadmap to execute our technology implementations successfully in alignment to the organization’s maturity.”

JP Kirton

MD, Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd


All companies are data companies now!

Data drives process and process automation within businesses to ensure all processes fire correctly to ensure analytics ready data which business can leverage to make informed decisions and drive improvement programs and priorities.

The earlier you invest in the maturity of your capability to execute your processes the quicker you will reach your desired return. What is the impact of spending 80% on data preparation, many people involved to acquire, ingest, move, stage, transform, apply logic and model the data… every time you have a new analytical question? Imaging turning this to a 20% effort and time to reach quality and validated data for every analytical case? What would that mean for your business?

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Melanie Mecca

Director, Data Management | Products & Services ~ CMMI Institute

  • Development lead and primary author, DMM
  • Led creation of DMM certification courses and Assessment method
  • 30+ years DM solutions, program planning and implementation
  • EDM Expert

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