Qlik SaaS & Cloud Solutions

Qlik SaaS & Cloud Solutions

Qlik has over the last couple of years become possibly THE front runner when it comes to enterprise cloud and SaaS offerings. They have planned and delivered this will be a variety of architectural options and solutions which delivers a wealth of value to any organization looking to migrate to cloud in any way and take advantages of the extended add-on and standalone SaaS options for rapid deployments on a fully outsourced infrastructure.

Qlik Cloud:

The Qlik cloud platform architecture is extremely important as it provides buying power to the customer meaning its hybrid to avoid any large cloud vendor lock-ins. Benefit from an open SaaS platform with cloud-agnostic and hybrid deployment options that offers maximum choice and flexibility in how and where you deploy, store and analyze data, across one or multiple clouds. 

Data Services

Organizations collect huge amounts of data. Most of the data that can guide decisions and actions isn’t analytics-ready or accessible. Qlik operationalizes DataOps for analytics, turning raw data into trusted, actionable data that’s easy to find, current, and immediately available to Qlik Sense®, Tableau, PowerBI, and beyond – on any cloud you choose.

Analytics Services

Qlik Sense® sets the benchmark for a new generation of analytics. Empower users at any skill level to freely explore data with powerful AI combined with the industry’s most powerful analytics engine. Bring actionable insights into every decision with the industry’s most complete platform for modern BI – on our cloud or anywhere you choose.

Platform Capabilities:

Multi-cloud data real time movement at scale

Multi-cloud compute – Hybrid cloud analytics

Automation – Respond faster to changing business requirements

Security & Privacy – Complete coverage from on-premises to cloud

Scalability & Governance – Trusted data delivered at scale

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Join Us At QlikWorld Online 2021!

Join Us At QlikWorld Online 2021!

QlikWorld Online 2021

As the news of #COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out globally hit the news, we bring some more good news! It’s once again time for QlikWorld Online! It will be hosted for 3 days from 10 May – 12 May 2021. We look forward to all the great knowledge we are used to receiving from this great event hosted by Qlik, Qlik customers and Qlik Partners globally.

There are over 100 sessions we look forward to attending, which will consist of amazing success stories from the world’s top data specialists and BI analysts. They will also be sharing some fantastic new ideas. Leaving us inspired with great ideas that can revolutionize our approach to data analytics and data integration, as the next era of BI is upon us.


QlikWorld is going to show us how their new capabilities are going to give us insight to how we can use Active Intelligence to the benefit of our customers.

The conference will allow us to virtually connect with a ton of data enthusiasts around the world. Allowing us to explore new ideas and solutions at your desired location. Get inspired and motivated by having the best seat in the house and watch and hear from award winning author Malcolm Gladwell, advocated like Yassmin Abdel-Magied, as well as data innovators like James Fisher who is the Chief Product Officer of Qlik.





Join QlikWorld Online 2021 and be part of something great, that will help you understand how data is assisting in everything from the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations and the implications of global warming and a lot more.


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Qlik Web-Connectors

Qlik Web-Connectors

Fetch Data From Social Media and Any Web-Based Data Sources with a Light-Weight Web

Have you been struggling to fetch a data from Facebook, twitter, Google Analytics or any Web-based applications and your time is wasted while trying to find a better way to make your work simple? Everyone want their work to be simple and they also want to be happy at the end of the day. It is not also about you as an individual, but your organisation can improve their products as well as their services to their potential customers.

At Modernising Management, we take care of your data-to-actionable insights automation through data engineering, data analytics, & reporting and artificial intelligence! You take care of your competitors while we support your data literacy maturity growth across your organisation!

Data resides in more disparate locations as social media and other cloud-based data sources are becoming increasingly important. Companies need the ability to easily measure how well their social media activities are resonating in the market and with customers.

People spend 75% of their time collecting data and only 25% of time analysing, but with Qlik Web Collectors is other way round.

Qlik Web-connector is nothing but a light-weight web that helps you connect with any social media or web-based data sources through specific APIs and fetch data that you want. It provides out-of-the-box connectors that are designed for specific application and data sources. This eliminates the need for any in-house connector development or maintenance and allows for quick implementation.

 It does not matter the size or the kind of data you want it to be fetched, you just make selections and Qlik web-connector will do its job by generate Qlik Sense and QlikView load scripts that you can paste into script editor. 

You can learn how easy it is to fetch data and bring it straight into your Qlik Sense or QlikView environment by Michael Tarallo.

How To Download and Install Qlik Web Connectors

There are possible data sources available for Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription like Amazon Redshift (Beta), AYLIEN News(Beta), Facebook Fan Page& Groups(Beta) and more.

I believe that Qlik Web Connector can be a solution you have been looking for, it will minimise time you use to spend trying to fetch data from social media and other cloud-based data sources.

Qlik Insight Bot

Qlik Insight Bot

Artificial Intelligence Powered Conversational Analytics

Ask questions and get instance artificial intelligence infused answers with infused predictive analytics. Qlik Insight Bot is fully integrated with Qlik Sense, allowing users to seamlessly move between conversational and visual analytics.

Qlik Insight Bot offers an AI-powered, conversational analytics experience, giving everyone a faster and easier way to ask questions, get insights, and make data-driven decisions using natural language.

Analytics That Speak Your Language

Qlik Insight Bot offers a fast and easy way to ask questions and discover insights using natural language. It’s available right in Qlik Sense and through popular tools such as Slack, Skype, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams, meaning your people can make data-driven decisions wherever they are at any time.

With each question, it instantly surfaces relevant charts and insights, including key drivers, comparisons, predictions and more. And its self-learning AI makes the system progressively smarter.

Engage with your data

Ever just wanted to have a conversation with your data?

Acumen BI explains that if you can chat, you can engage with your data. The simple chat-based interface is one click away and will deliver information in the context of Qlik applications you have loaded such as sales, retail, finance or asset focusses.

Simply typing “show measures” will present a list of measures from which users can select or you can ask to show sales for a specific product on a specific month. You can even specify the type of chart you would like to visualize the data in.

Bridge the gap between conversational and visual analytics

Conversational analytics provide a great way to quickly ask questions and get answers.

Often, new scenarios arise where visual discovery offers a better path to insight. Unlike standalone Natural Language Processing (NLP) analytics products, Qlik Insight Bot is fully integrated with Qlik Sense, allowing users to seamlessly move between conversational and visual analytics.

 The Qlik® Associative Engine lets users interact conversationally and dive directly into visual analysis to explore further, without losing context. It’s the best of both worlds.

Drive analytics adoption and increase the value of your data

To stay competitive, organizations must enable their entire workforce to make better decisions using data.

Qlik Insight Bot offers a powerful new way to make data and analytics more accessible to everyone by letting people use their innate communication skills to get the information they need.

According to Gartner, by 2020 “50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics & Business Intelligence 2018

To find out more, you can download the Qlik Insight Bot AI-Powered Conversational Analytics Data Sheet. Get in touch with our Modern BI experts to talk about the Qlik Insight Bot and how it can help transform your business.

Get Faster Actionable Insights with Qlik Catalog

Get Faster Actionable Insights with Qlik Catalog

Qlik Catalog | Enterprise Data Catalog

Data is the heart of the economy and the fuel that helps most organizations innovate and lead past the competition. Organizations collect huge amounts of data. But, most of the data that can guide decisions and actions is not analytics-ready or accessible.  So, what good is data without sense? Today some organizations are still struggling to quickly prepare and deliver data as clean and organized business-ready information for analytics and other data-driven processes. As cloud big data and other information sources continue to increase rapidly, this situation will only get worse without a different approach.

Meet Qlik Catalog, formerly known as Qlik Data Catalyst, a modern enterprise data management solution that simplifies and speeds up how you manage, prepare and deliver analytics ready data to business users across your enterprise.

With Qlik Data Catalog you can rely on data security, data enrichment features for data transformation and business rule implementation though workflows. The end result of your governance work is business ready data quality solution built from the metadata level up.

How does Qlik Catalog work? Let us look at the core capabilities of Qlik Catalog

Onboard Data

Qlik Catalog automatically profiles and documents the exact content, structure, and quality of your enterprise data using built-in data loaders to simplify and accelerate the process.

Enrich the Catalog

Qlik Catalog builds a Smart Data Catalog that documents every aspect of the data and data management process. As your users search and explore the catalog, technical, business, and operational metadata makes each data element understandable, transparent, trustworthy, and actionable.

Prepare the Data

Get your data business-ready with data standardization, cleansing, and protection measures. Easily enhance, blend, and filter data using a simple drag-and-drop process.

Shop and Publish

Let users easily and securely “shop” for the data they need, exporting, sharing or automatically publishing data sets to Qlik Sense and other analytic tools and applications.

Qlik Data Catalyst will let you take advantage of the latest big data and cloud solutions. Transform raw data into actionable insights, empowering people across your organization to make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes, every day.

Vizlib Collaborate Automation Example

Vizlib Collaborate Automation Example

Collaboration In Qlik Sense 

Vizlib has released their new Collaboration Suite of products and it’s doozy!

You are now able to chat, input manual data and automate forms with workflows, all within the Qlik Sense interface.

The products included in the suite are explained below but here is an idea or a scenario we could possibly share…

Let’s say you find an issue with some data points in your Qlik Sense Financial Application.

Using your Qlik Sense Self-Service your check the rules and still have a question about the performance level.

You open up the Vizlib Chat interface and have a quick chat with the financial manager and the person responsible for the performance.

You check the notes on the issue but there are none so you create a note for your finding.

The note is now on the system with the selections and context as per your finding so you can copy the link to the notes.

Since you have a clear understanding of the issue now you can create an action plan accordingly.

You open up the Vizlib action plan form and start to fill it out.

You select the people you wish to include and action accordingly with their respective deadlines but when you select regulatory issues as a category you realise that there is now a workflow that will be required for your action to be approved.

You complete the full action template and publish it.

The workflow kicks off and your finance manager gets a notification. She is already aware of the issue as you had a chat about it so she ads her comments and approves the action.

Everybody on the action is now notified of the action. They can open the action, find the context, link to your notes.

Since this is a regulatory category action the system automatically creates a project and writes all the context within your project management system using the REST API capability and notifies your projects team about the newly created project.

You will now see the project on your project management Qlik Sense application where you and your team can now manually update the project directly out of Qlik Sense using the Vizlib Writeback table solution of the collaboration suite.

You may have your Vizlib Gantt chart showing all the deliverables, people, durations, dependencies etc…. the Vizlib Gantt chart is a separate library though but you get the point.

So What have you done from your desk?

  • Identified a challenge
  • Reviewed the context rules
  • Had a chat and understood the context and performance impact
  • Created a note on the finance app for the finance team
  • Created an action plan which kicked off an approval workflow
  • The workflow was approved by the designated person
  • The action plan was published and all parties notified
  • The action plan was created as a project for management by the projects team as it qualified for a project
  • The project is monitored by Qlik Sense
  • Feedback and project updates are directly input to the project view via Vizlib Writeback table manual data entry capability

What examples do you have?
Let’s set up a solutioning session to discuss?