Join Us At QlikWorld Online 2021!

Join Us At QlikWorld Online 2021!

QlikWorld Online 2021

As the news of #COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out globally hit the news, we bring some more good news! It’s once again time for QlikWorld Online! It will be hosted for 3 days from 10 May – 12 May 2021. We look forward to all the great knowledge we are used to receiving from this great event hosted by Qlik, Qlik customers and Qlik Partners globally.

There are over 100 sessions we look forward to attending, which will consist of amazing success stories from the world’s top data specialists and BI analysts. They will also be sharing some fantastic new ideas. Leaving us inspired with great ideas that can revolutionize our approach to data analytics and data integration, as the next era of BI is upon us.


QlikWorld is going to show us how their new capabilities are going to give us insight to how we can use Active Intelligence to the benefit of our customers.

The conference will allow us to virtually connect with a ton of data enthusiasts around the world. Allowing us to explore new ideas and solutions at your desired location. Get inspired and motivated by having the best seat in the house and watch and hear from award winning author Malcolm Gladwell, advocated like Yassmin Abdel-Magied, as well as data innovators like James Fisher who is the Chief Product Officer of Qlik.





Join QlikWorld Online 2021 and be part of something great, that will help you understand how data is assisting in everything from the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations and the implications of global warming and a lot more.


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Active Intelligence: The Future of BI

Active Intelligence: The Future of BI

Active Intelligence: The Future of BI


Time remains our most valuable commodity and when you have time based execution strategies to improve operations and time to market, action or decision then Active Intelligence is the solution for you! 

Organizations need a much more dynamic relationship with information that reflects the current moment. Traditional, passive BI relies on preconfigured, historical data sets, and wasn’t designed to support real-time decisioning and actions. 

Active Intelligence is a new paradigm, creating in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of your business. It delivers a state of continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to trigger immediate actions. 

Active Intelligence Case Types

Active Intelligence executes processes directly from changes in your data which enables immediate response to changing circumstances within the business. We support companies to manage and deploy the orchestrations across their business. 

Based on continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to date information establishes an intelligent data-to-analytics pipeline enabling the reflection of dynamic business content and logic. 


Active Intelligence Orchestration Case Types

  • Sales & Pipeline Management Automation 
  • Process Dependency Management (end-end automations with people in/out of the loop) 
  • Realtime customer support automations 
  • Risk & Control Processing 
  • Regulatory and Compliance Processing & Control (Manual & Automated) 
  • Data management configurations & controls 
  • Predictive & recommendation based process executions 
  • Control Validations & Monitoring 

Process Orchestration and Automations Based On Data Changes

Our Active Intelligence solution drives process execution from data changes so as data changes within your organisation we execute your processes accordingly i.e., missing data – automatically log an issue, user access requests run an automated validation on the user and automatically assigns the access or escalates to the required people to approve, or a new lead is generated and automatically written into a CRM system as there is no integration between your website and your CRM. 

How Does Active Intelligence Work?

Active Intelligence makes the most up-to-date information available in the most important moment: now 

Whether driving automated metrics and insights within dashboards or embedding them directly into machine-driven processes, Active Intelligence combines data at rest with data in motion, reflecting the pulse of the data and delivering insights in the business moment to trigger the required, correct, planned actions.

Intelligent Data Analytics Pipelines

A unified pipeline closes the gaps between data ingestion, integration, delivery, analytics, collaboration and storytelling. This creates a multidirectional conduit for continuous information flow, delivering fresh, clean data to users almost as soon as it comes in the door. We don’t only deliver the data, we deliver the ability to respond correctly to the data depending on the state of the data. 

Delivering Real-Time, Up-To-Date Information

Active Intelligence relies on a data analytics platform that supports a full range of use cases embedded directly into business and machine-driven processes. Augmented analytics surface real-time events and predictions. And collaboration happens across the entire data pipeline. 

Designed To Trigger Immediate Actions

Traditional BI was designed to inform humans, and by extension to inform action, but not to compel action. Active Intelligence enables informed decision-making and impelled action with dynamic alerting and event triggering and orchestrated actions when specific conditions arise. 

Examples of Active Intelligence Solutions

Examples of Active Intelligence Solutions

  • Supply Chain Optimization 
  • Personal Customer Experiences 
  • Predictive Maintenance with IoT 
  • Value-based Healthcare 
  • Fraud Detection & Monitoring 
  • Emergency Planning and Logistics 

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CMMI-DMM℠ Partnership

CMMI-DMM℠ Partnership

We Are Happy To Announce our Partnership with CMMI-DMM℠

We are happy to announce our partnership with the Capability Maturity Model Integration – Data Management Maturity (CMMI-DMM℠). We have partnered with DataWise Inc, a CMMI-DMM certified partner who, in collaboration with 50+ other authors, 70+ peer reviews, 80+ organizations, literally wrote the best practice assessment reference model.

CMMI-DMM assessment model is a high impact consultation process that runs from 4 – 8 weeks depending on the scope of the work required.

Working with DataWise enables us to leverage their enormous experience and to certify our implementations as official ISACA/CMMI Institute assessors, as a strategic partner.

“In my presentation “Why Analytics is Broken,” I address the time-intensive burden that analytics teams face when integrating data for insights, due to inadequate data management practices. Source data is frequently undocumented, names and datatypes often differ, and data quality defects are discovered.  Many academic studies have shown that up to 80% of an analyst’s time is spent researching data meaning and remediating defects  in source data. This is an enormous business problem, as organizations increasingly depend on incisive and timely insights. Modernising Management, through extensive work in integrating data and empowering business intelligence, has often encountered these issues and is now offering its clients a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of data management practices and roadmap for improvements, as an essential foundation to accelerate time to insight.”

Melanie Mecca

CEO, DataWise


The DMM model has been implemented to many of the top companies across all sectors.

What Is It?

In a DMM Assessment, a certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME)SM facilitates the evaluation of your program against the Data Management Maturity model’s documented best practices. In three weeks, you will know your strengths and gaps in detail, along with actionable recommendations including:


The unique assessment process incorporates collaborative workshops, individual interviews, evaluation of current practices, and expert analysis to produce a detailed report on the state of your data management program across 6 categories and 25 process areas.


“As the investment into data management within companies become a priority for CIO’s and CDO’s it is apparent that the ad-hoc improvement of processes only move bottlenecks around between IT and Business with continuous struggles to maintain and improve and we see these team’s fail as business as usual takes over their days and improvements are parked… continuously. We invested in the assessment capability model to be able to provide a best practice assessment service as well as a multi year roadmap for improvement that will bring the total process model maturity level to optimal performance. Not only does the assessment provide you with a roadmap but also guidance, examples, white papers, practice statements and work products. We then utilize this best practice roadmap to execute our technology implementations successfully in alignment to the organization’s maturity.”

JP Kirton

MD, Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd


All companies are data companies now!

Data drives process and process automation within businesses to ensure all processes fire correctly to ensure analytics ready data which business can leverage to make informed decisions and drive improvement programs and priorities.

The earlier you invest in the maturity of your capability to execute your processes the quicker you will reach your desired return. What is the impact of spending 80% on data preparation, many people involved to acquire, ingest, move, stage, transform, apply logic and model the data… every time you have a new analytical question? Imaging turning this to a 20% effort and time to reach quality and validated data for every analytical case? What would that mean for your business?

More About MM DMM Offering

More About DataWise, Inc

Melanie Mecca

Director, Data Management | Products & Services ~ CMMI Institute

  • Development lead and primary author, DMM
  • Led creation of DMM certification courses and Assessment method
  • 30+ years DM solutions, program planning and implementation
  • EDM Expert

More About CMMI Institute

Happy Holidays From MM To You!

Happy Holidays From MM To You!

MM 2020 Close and Our 2021 Plans


Here we are again at the end of the year but what an extraordinary year it has been. Every company’s supply chain has been hit hard with the lockdown restrictions, staff risks, customer conditions, liquidity, revenue, and overall economic decline. Some companies have been able to respond very well and thrive through 2020 and other are still reeling from the and trying to ensure their futures planning for 2021 and what possibilities that may bring.

If nothing else this year has proven that personal relationships between people is what got us up every morning, but data is what truly guided our decisions this year.

We have seen a massive uptake in BI and data usage right from the get-go when Covid-19 hit, and the lockdown started. Our statistics across customers reveal a 50% – 600% increase in usage that kicked off already in April 2020. This is phenomenal and the real question is why it took a pandemic with subsequent lockdowns to drive data-based decision making and operational improvements actively within every part of the business.

MM has been very fortunate to have been able to continue our business. We are fortunate that we have been able to assist some customers with payment holidays and other methods to support their own liquidity as well as ours. During this period, we have been very busy taking advantage of a “less busy” schedule for daily customer deliverables where we were able to allocate some time to realign our business to our new ways of working. Our new delivery model ensures we support our customers throughout their maturity growth.

We execute our New Ways Of Work (NWOW) on 11 January 2021.

What Is Planned For 2021?

Data Literacy

We have realigned our practices to support our customer maturity levels which we are now able to monitor and manage as part of our data literacy methodology and services.

Data Management Consulting Services

We have expanded our DMM consulting capabilities across all areas of the data business with detailed assessments, advisory, planning and execution services across the board where we manage your data maturity across various categories such as Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Operations, Data Platform & Architecture and Supporting Processes. We are very excited to launch our new services during February 2021. Please contact us now to book some discussions.

Active Intelligence

We have demo’ed our first version of our active intelligence solution to one of our largest customers and it was very well received. This truly is the future of BI which is process optimization through analysis and automation based on your ever changing data. We will actively start marketing our solution in February but should you be interested to see our demo please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to implement successfully!


BBBEE has and will continue to be a major drive and investment for MM. 

We have great plans which we will announce either before the end of the year or in February that will greatly affect the benefits for all our customers. We ourselves are extremely excited about the prospects.

We thank all our partners for all their support during these challenging times. It has been a great experience to see companies are at the end people and people will support where able and possible. We thank our reseller and vendor partners for their great continued support and investments in these trying times. We look forward to building a great blend of solutions with you during 2021.

Last but certainly not least we thank all our customers that have provided us with the opportunity to make them successful with their BI strategies. We thank all the people we work with on a daily basis. We build relationships and we support on a personal level where possible through a drive to improve our mutual prospects where all stakeholders benefit and this is truly a win/win relationship. We appreciate you and we thank you sincerely for your continued support.

Please note that MM will be closed from 11 December till 11 January unless alternative plans have been made within individual projects.

We wish you a safe, restful, and blessed holiday season. 

Wishing you quality time with your loved ones and rest that is deserved by all fighting the good fight to support our families through these challenging times.

Modernising Management Team

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Why Business Intelligence is Beneficial?

Well if you don’t already know what Business Intelligence (BI) is, it is software that collects data generated from a business and presents it in a meaningful and actionable way which improves executive and managers decisions efficiently and to make decisions that would benefit the organisation in subject.

Imagine Business Intelligence like a Pick ‘n Pay or a Spar, and for arguments sake, your looking for tea, milk and bread. You don’t need to ask for help where to find the items as the stores is organised in a neatly and methodical fashion (aisle and signage) which is easy to navigate. BI is about taking all your company’s data (production, billable hours and sale goals) and organising it in a simple and neat way for you (executive/managers). BI makes your companies data easy to navigate without the need of having to ask specialists where you would be able to find this information and then go to another person to systematize it for you.

BI can help you identify:


  • Any inadequate business method 
  • Unidentified patterns 
  • Pinpoint an enterprises strengths and weaknesses 
  • As well as identify new opportunities 

This will help you understand your organization functions and challenges.

The tools and softer ware put in place can help your organization understand what clients prefer as well as predict their wants, needs and behaviors. As this can find ways to increase sales and provide higher standers of service. Modernising Managements Business Intelligence solutions focus on the provision of analytics ready data through effective data engineering practices, interactive data analytics accessible via any device, static reporting solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and data literacy management.

Business Intelligence Tools

As Mary K. Prat and Josh Fruhlinger suggests  there are many different types of BI tools, and have many different types of features but the main characteristics are Dashboards is  a user interface which allows you to glance over your KPI’s kind of like a progress report, visualizations where by graphs and charts are made to give you a visual representation your companies progress (the most common), data mining is identifying patterns from large data sets, extract-transfer-load (ETL) is a tool that pulls data from one data source and stores it in another and online analytic processing is a bunch of software that allows users to evaluate information form multiple database systems simultaneously.

Here are some technologies that supports the above:

Tool such as the above mentioned, can help your enterprise in so many ways, I believe that BI is the way of the future. Many companies ranging from small to big should adopt BI tools as it will increase the company in any context.

As Modernizing Management is an analytic and BI provider our data engineering work ensures the provisioning of data for any data science and analytical tools from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and beyond.