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Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence is when changing levels of performance in your data triggers process automations across your business in real time.

When your business processes fire based on data changes you are taking real time action to promote, prevent, avoid, control actions and events within your business.

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Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence is process orchestration that automates your processes based on certain defined or undefined changes within the data meaning they can be planned performance levels or predicted performance levels and recommendations based on such predictions, that will activate your processes and/or people.

Data & Process Orchestration

There are many tools in the market that can perform orchestration of processes such as open source tools like Node-RED, RPA or workflow automation products. The key with Active Intelligence is that it is purely based on changes within the data that triggers people and processes it may not be pre-planned either based on certain predictions and recommendations.

Data Driven

When performance issues execute your processes you are running an agile organisation that is always ready to act or acting through automation. Which ensures that no performance issue is left unexplored or left to create risk within the business.

All Your Data

We look at all your data for operational improvements. We track and monitor data in pipelets as they are delivered to the data stage and execute your automation within your existing systems or separate defined pages or SaaS, Cloud and other external systems. We improve your ability to execute!

Business Execution At The Speed Of Data!

We transform your data in movement, and monitor it where it lands to identify performance issues, exceptions, outliers and other anomalies in the data for actions and automated process execution.

Alerts, Notifications & Triggers

With alerts and triggers we notify you or any relevant changes, approvals, escalations, data issues, exceptions and so forth. You are always in control whether the process is 100% automated without any person in the loop or not.


Future Proof

Practically any system, any data types, structured and unstructured data with embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Embed your execution engine within your existing systems with embedded analytics.

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Predictions and Actions that drive your operational efficiencies

  • Predictions
  • Recommendations
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Automations
  • Continuous monitoring

Future Proof