Active Intelligence: The Future of BI

Active Intelligence: The Future of BI

Active Intelligence: The Future of BI


Time remains our most valuable commodity and when you have time based execution strategies to improve operations and time to market, action or decision then Active Intelligence is the solution for you! 

Organizations need a much more dynamic relationship with information that reflects the current moment. Traditional, passive BI relies on preconfigured, historical data sets, and wasn’t designed to support real-time decisioning and actions. 

Active Intelligence is a new paradigm, creating in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of your business. It delivers a state of continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to trigger immediate actions. 

Active Intelligence Case Types

Active Intelligence executes processes directly from changes in your data which enables immediate response to changing circumstances within the business. We support companies to manage and deploy the orchestrations across their business. 

Based on continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to date information establishes an intelligent data-to-analytics pipeline enabling the reflection of dynamic business content and logic. 


Active Intelligence Orchestration Case Types

  • Sales & Pipeline Management Automation 
  • Process Dependency Management (end-end automations with people in/out of the loop) 
  • Realtime customer support automations 
  • Risk & Control Processing 
  • Regulatory and Compliance Processing & Control (Manual & Automated) 
  • Data management configurations & controls 
  • Predictive & recommendation based process executions 
  • Control Validations & Monitoring 

Process Orchestration and Automations Based On Data Changes

Our Active Intelligence solution drives process execution from data changes so as data changes within your organisation we execute your processes accordingly i.e., missing data – automatically log an issue, user access requests run an automated validation on the user and automatically assigns the access or escalates to the required people to approve, or a new lead is generated and automatically written into a CRM system as there is no integration between your website and your CRM. 

How Does Active Intelligence Work?

Active Intelligence makes the most up-to-date information available in the most important moment: now 

Whether driving automated metrics and insights within dashboards or embedding them directly into machine-driven processes, Active Intelligence combines data at rest with data in motion, reflecting the pulse of the data and delivering insights in the business moment to trigger the required, correct, planned actions.

Intelligent Data Analytics Pipelines

A unified pipeline closes the gaps between data ingestion, integration, delivery, analytics, collaboration and storytelling. This creates a multidirectional conduit for continuous information flow, delivering fresh, clean data to users almost as soon as it comes in the door. We don’t only deliver the data, we deliver the ability to respond correctly to the data depending on the state of the data. 

Delivering Real-Time, Up-To-Date Information

Active Intelligence relies on a data analytics platform that supports a full range of use cases embedded directly into business and machine-driven processes. Augmented analytics surface real-time events and predictions. And collaboration happens across the entire data pipeline. 

Designed To Trigger Immediate Actions

Traditional BI was designed to inform humans, and by extension to inform action, but not to compel action. Active Intelligence enables informed decision-making and impelled action with dynamic alerting and event triggering and orchestrated actions when specific conditions arise. 

Examples of Active Intelligence Solutions

Examples of Active Intelligence Solutions

  • Supply Chain Optimization 
  • Personal Customer Experiences 
  • Predictive Maintenance with IoT 
  • Value-based Healthcare 
  • Fraud Detection & Monitoring 
  • Emergency Planning and Logistics 

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