AnalyticsGate 365 Partnership

AnalyticsGate 365 Partnership

We are very happy to announce our partnership with akquinet – AnalyticsGate!


AnalyticsGate with AnalyticsGate 365 product is an add-in for Microsoft ® Excel and Qlik Sense. AnalyticsGate 365, unleashes the power of the Qlik Sense ® platform directly from Excel. The Excel Add-In combines the advantages of Qlik Sense (data access, security etc.) with the familiar Excel working environment.

Michael Walther

Michael Walther

CEO - Akquinet Americas Corp.

“We are very proud to have gained one of the most competent partners in South Africa specializing in Business Intelligence with Modernising Management. We see South Africa as a very interesting growth market with high potential, especially regarding the native e-strategy for the digital transformation of economy and society. In our opinion Modernising Management has the optimal product mix of data management, data visualization and predictive solutions to provide its customers with the best possible support on their way into the digital future and thus make better data-driven decisions and gain a significant market advantage.”

John Paul Kirton

John Paul Kirton

MD - Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd

“This partnership is very strategic for MM as we are a specialist financial services company that works within environments where Microsoft Excel is prevalent and does bring its challenges with regards to standardizing the data processes and standards outside an enterprise business intelligence product. This brings those standards together, so you can leverage the governance, security etc. in Qlik Sense with an Excel interface, visualizations and syntax for combining Qlik Sense data within Excel and using DAX on top for self-service requirements. I believe this opens up new opportunities for our Qlik customers. “

Michael Walther

Michael Walther

CEO - Akquinet Americas Corp.

“With our product AnalyticsGate 365 we want to make a contribution to this. This Excel add-in allows the full power of Qlik to be used in Excel. Users keep a single point of data when using their familiar Excel via the add-in. They can work in Excel based on the latest Qlik data. The security rules defined in Qlik still apply. This has convinced many controllers around the world. Additionally, AnalyticsGate can be used to implement automated reporting. An integrated alerting function will be presented soon. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Modernising Managament!”

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Vizlib Collaborate Automation Example

Vizlib Collaborate Automation Example

Collaboration In Qlik Sense 

Vizlib has released their new Collaboration Suite of products and it’s doozy!

You are now able to chat, input manual data and automate forms with workflows, all within the Qlik Sense interface.

The products included in the suite are explained below but here is an idea or a scenario we could possibly share…

Let’s say you find an issue with some data points in your Qlik Sense Financial Application.

Using your Qlik Sense Self-Service your check the rules and still have a question about the performance level.

You open up the Vizlib Chat interface and have a quick chat with the financial manager and the person responsible for the performance.

You check the notes on the issue but there are none so you create a note for your finding.

The note is now on the system with the selections and context as per your finding so you can copy the link to the notes.

Since you have a clear understanding of the issue now you can create an action plan accordingly.

You open up the Vizlib action plan form and start to fill it out.

You select the people you wish to include and action accordingly with their respective deadlines but when you select regulatory issues as a category you realise that there is now a workflow that will be required for your action to be approved.

You complete the full action template and publish it.

The workflow kicks off and your finance manager gets a notification. She is already aware of the issue as you had a chat about it so she ads her comments and approves the action.

Everybody on the action is now notified of the action. They can open the action, find the context, link to your notes.

Since this is a regulatory category action the system automatically creates a project and writes all the context within your project management system using the REST API capability and notifies your projects team about the newly created project.

You will now see the project on your project management Qlik Sense application where you and your team can now manually update the project directly out of Qlik Sense using the Vizlib Writeback table solution of the collaboration suite.

You may have your Vizlib Gantt chart showing all the deliverables, people, durations, dependencies etc…. the Vizlib Gantt chart is a separate library though but you get the point.

So What have you done from your desk?

  • Identified a challenge
  • Reviewed the context rules
  • Had a chat and understood the context and performance impact
  • Created a note on the finance app for the finance team
  • Created an action plan which kicked off an approval workflow
  • The workflow was approved by the designated person
  • The action plan was published and all parties notified
  • The action plan was created as a project for management by the projects team as it qualified for a project
  • The project is monitored by Qlik Sense
  • Feedback and project updates are directly input to the project view via Vizlib Writeback table manual data entry capability

What examples do you have?
Let’s set up a solutioning session to discuss?