Vizlib Approved Partner

Vizlib Approved Partner

We are very happy to announce we have partnered with Vizlib!

Jason Coggon

Jason Coggon

Head of Innovation & Technology - Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd

“We have been following Vizlib’s developments for quite some time and really like their “native” type integration to Qlik Sense. This really provides for a seamless and strong configuration options and deployment of their various visualizations and writeback capabilities.”

Vizlib offers five value-added products for Qlik Sense, purpose-built for different use cases and deployments:


A flagship product that comes with more than 20 charts, visualizations and dashboard components that either provide vastly more control options or are simply not available in Qlik Sense out-of-the-box.


Designed for ad-hoc reporting in Qlik Sense. With Custom Report at the heart of this product, all users can explore data confidently, in a governed environment, and build reports on the fly.


Tailored to the needs of the modern finance department, helping organizations avoid governance challenges and build intuitive financial reports like P&Ls or Balance Sheets in Qlik Sense.


Enables organisations to act on their insights in real-time, without leaving their Qlik Sense dashboards. With various writeback, commenting, workflows and chat functionalities, teams can work together seamlessly on one data platform.


designed for visual planning in Qlik Sense and, combined with writeback capabilities, allows teams to use gantt for project management, resource planning and various other tasks that require a timeline view.

You can naturally also combine Vizlib’s products to build the most comprehensive solutions, such as Library + Collaboration or Gantt + Collaboration to extend traditional Qlik Sense use cases.

Yorick Cooiman

Yorick Cooiman

Partner Account Manager - Vizlib

“At Vizlib, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships in the Qlik ecosystem and the potential to develop shared opportunities. Together with Modernising Management, we are confident in having a strong partner in the South African region and we hope to grow and strengthen this relationship and deliver analytics solutions that unlock the true power of data in Qlik Sense.”

John Paul Kirton

John Paul Kirton

MD - Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd

“We already have two customers that require the powerful writeback capability and look forward to upgrading some visualizations for those customers as well. Vizlib provides a very nice subscription option enabling subscriptions to their products or an enterprise type solution for our larger customers. We will work closely with Vizlib to drive our own visualization and literacy combinations.”

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