Prebuilt Templated Accounting Solution

Prebuilt Templated Accounting Solution

As a Business Intelligence company that focuses on outcome engineering and supporting our customers to be more competitive with their data, we generally perform well during poor or slow economic times, such as the global recession we are experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic at present.

We perform well due to the fact that companies are forced to optimize during these times. This means they are investing in projects that drive improvements such as improved efficiencies and cost savings thus leveraging their data better for decision making and gaining more efficiencies through automation.

As accountants within business or in practice these are tough times requiring fingers on the working capital and cash flow pulse of the organizations as liquidity is king! Knowing where to leverage assets vs. cutting expenses that will not strategically set the organization back more than required is essential.

Various financial indicators such as the following ratio categories are essential to identify any leading or lagging financial challenges within the business: Liquidity, Efficiency, Solvency, Profitability, Cash flow Analysis, Financial Stability Ratios. The ability to explore your accounting data and assess the impact of certain decisions by putting them through a scenario planning session is essential. Being able to assess short term and longer term decisions through an integrated planning capability that enables planning across your income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet is essential. Being able to identify customers “at risk” and the possible impact of such “at risk” customers short and long term is essential.

 → Saving You ~66% Of The Time & Costs 

Our prebuilt templated accounting solution can be implemented on any accounting system’s data. The solution saves on average 3/4 of the time it took to built, to subsequently implement for any organization. We can easily agree a critical list of requirements and a nice-to-have and focus on getting you that high impact outcome engineered solution that balances 100% within 1-3 months depending on your specific scope of requirements.

Solution Overview: 

Explore your financial data across any dimension down to transactional level

Answer WHY things happen questions, not only the WHAT happened

Create context based story snapshots and action plans

Multi company & currency consolidations

Codes (reporting/analysis code consolidations i.e. regions, projects etc.)

Mobile: Online / Offline

Selling time? Time Tracking consolidations for companies that bill on time

Analyze your finances from any perspective:


  • Cash flow Prediction & Exception Handling (AI)
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, Scenario Planning, What if, Benchmarking
  • Gross Profit Analysis (Customer, Item, Invoice)
  • Cash flow Statement Analysis
  • Expense Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Inventory Analysis & Forecasting
  • Sales Recommendations (AI)
  • Debtor & Creditor Analysis
  • Debt & Capital Analysis (Working Capital & Ratios)
  • Pricing & Terms Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Basket Analysis
  • Smart Alerts (Optional Product)
  • Data exports

Scheduled, automated, white labelled reporting (Optional Product)


  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Daily Performance Snapshot
  • Management Insights Report
  • Management Accounts per company/account/cost center)
  • On-Demand Reporting

Advanced Analytics Insight Bot (Optional Product)


  • Ask any questions and access any data or generate predictions from the system data